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maybe time travel is real.

it doesn’t come in the physical sense of being transported.

i won’t be waltzing in an 18th-century ball,

but when that stranger walked by me,

and i smelled his cologne,

i was back in your arms again.

it’s not always a smell.

it’s also the opening notes of that song

or the way the air feels right before a storm.

the itchiness of laying in the grass, the dampness of the nighttime ground,

a missing canine in an otherwise perfect smile. 

it’s not lonely,

not usually,

not more than before.

but those things make me miss being lonely with you.

I'm an outgoing, fun-loving girl from San Diego, California. I grew up playing soccer and lacrosse, and have always loved writing. I currently sing for a band, and my favorite form of writing is poetry. I'm a huge fan of pumpkin spice lattes, and I love the fall. I'm also really passionate about women's issues.
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