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The ground trembles.  Trembles with his rage.  Spiderweb-like cracks weave through the earth’s floor, splintering the ground into uneven patches.

“How could you?” Zu’s whispered words whip through the air.  The accusation slams into June, knocking her off balance.

How could she?  June shakes her head, confusion clouding her thoughts.  How could she what?  What did she do?

Zu laughs at her reaction.  Laughs at her idiocy.

“Playing ignorant won’t save you.”  Zu smiles a cruel smile.  “Nothing will.”  

Fear, true fear, shoots tension up June’s spine.  Sweat warms her palms and adrenaline shakes her body.  Swallowing around the cotton stuck to the back of her throat, June asks, “what happened?”

The smile drops off Zu’s face.  In its place is anger and agony.  Tears fill Zu’s eyes, until they spill over, tracking sorrow down his face.

You happened!” Zu yells.  Wind blasts past June, pounding air against her eardrums.

June’s hands dart to her ears as more wind rages around her.  

Walking forward–each step a thunderclap–Zu closes in on his prey.  

Blood drains from June’s face when Zu pulls his dagger free.  

“No,” June protests, wildly shaking her head.  “No!”

Zu ignores her pleas, drawing to a stop before her.

Frozen with fear, June begs.  Begs for her friend back.  “Zu!”

He ignores her as he focuses on how the silver shines from its perch above her heart. 

 Looking into Zu’s eyes, she begs him.  Begs him to please stop this madness.

“Farewell,” he whispers.  The dagger arches down, breaking her skin, cutting her open.  Blood pools from the wound.  Her eyes remain focused on his face–a face splackled with blood, her blood–as her mind begins to fade.

“An til’ morrow,” she chokes out, her last words muffled with the blood flooding her mouth.

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