9 Ways To Prepare for the Gilmore Girls Revival

With the “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” series set to be released in less than a week, it’s only right us GG fans get in the Gilmore spirit.

Whether you’re #TeamLogan, #TeamJess, or #TeamDean, we can all agree that hanging with the Gilmore girls takes a bit of preparation. Here are 9 steps to help get you in the GG mood:

1. Drink coffee like Lorelai.

A Lorelai Gilmore, that is. This mother-daughter duo lives and breathes coffee, so to get in the Gilmore Girls spirit, you better grab a cup … or five.

2. Order a bunch of takeout.

What’s on the menu? Pizza, cookies, tacos, Chinese, Indian, donuts, hot dogs, and anything else you want in the junk food category.

3. Get a burger and fries from Hullaballoo Diner.

It may not be Luke’s Diner, but the famous Hullaballoo Diner will surely satisfy your classic Gilmore Girl’s inspired craving.

4. Brush up on your pop culture references.

Unless you want to feel clueless while watching the revival, take a second to catch up with the latest gossip.

5. Have a plate full of pop tarts ready as a mid-Netflix-binge snack.

What better way to feel like a Gilmore girl than to eat one of their classic appetizers?

6. Pull out the Bop It.

Remember when Luke and Dean got into a Bop It war?

7. Get ready to smell the first snow.

HAH! Just kidding, this is South Texas. Maybe prepare for December (aka autumn-ish weather)?

8. Don’t forget the Red Vines.

What’s a Gilmore Girls showing without a cup of Red Vines?

9. Have a Donna Reed night.

It’s not just a show. It’s a lifestyle.