9 Different Ways To Actually Make Christmas Feel Like Christmas This Year

It’s NOT beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

It’s that wonderful time of year again...Christmas! The time of year everyone looks forward to. All year we’ve been waiting for that merry, magical Christmas spirit to fill our busy, work-oriented lifestyles. Although, I think we can all agree that for the past few years, including this one, this normally very merry time doesn’t feel so…Christmas-y. This year however, we’re here to help you get into the Christmas mood, and to actually make Christmas feel like, well, Christmas.



There’s nothing more festive than playing the genre that is specifically for the most magical time of year. Not only can you play the classic versions of your fave songs, there’s also dozens of covers of nearly each classic Christmas song from the likes of Justin Bieber, Michael Buble, and the grand Mariah Carey herself. There are stations on Pandora, Spotify, and the radio—nearly everywhere!


2.   Get An Ugly Christmas Sweater

Getting an ugly Christmas sweater is a must! They usually go on sale around Christmas anyway, and there are endless options! (Some even light up!) If you want a Christmas sweater that’s a little edgier than the regular—so ugly it’s cute—Christmas sweater, go to a store like Spencer’s, they’ll have what you’re looking for!


3.   Go Ahead—Indulge In Those Christmas Goodies (We Won’t Tell)

Treat yo self, girl! These Christmas sweets are here for a limited time only! If you don’t go ahead and indulge now, they’ll be gone for a whole year, and it seems like every company has gotten on the Christmas goodies bandwagon. There are candy cane flavored Oreos—even ones with red colored cream. Don’t forget to pick up some of Ghirardelli Chocolate’s peppermint bark, it’s the most delicious chocolate candy you’ll have all season.


4.   ABC Family Is Here To Help You Get Your Holiday Movie Fix

Incase you’ve been living under a rock your whole life, you know every year ABC Family has their famous 25 Days of Christmas, the primetime special that plays nearly every Christmas movie there is up all December.


5.   Decorate

This is the most obvious option, but it will bring the most Christmas spirit to your busy life!


6.   Take Advantage Of Starbucks’ Holiday Menu

Once again, indulge! This menu is only around for about a month. There are so many options to get, and let’s not forget the beautiful red cup they come out with every year! There are even Christmas pastries that come out along with the wonderful flavors every year, grab some of those!


7.   Advent Calendars Are A Thing People

Advent calendars are special because they’re literally the gift that keeps on giving! An advent calendar is a calendar of the month of December and each day, there is a special prize to open. They all have different themes and brands, from chocolate companies to movie and music themed. That’s about a good as a countdown to Christmas gets!


8.   Incorporate Christmas Colors Into Your Makeup Look

Decorating and eating goodies isn’t the only way to get festive, incorporating Christmas colors into your makeup look isn’t only fun, but it’s great for parties—or any regular day! There are endless possibilities, sparkly green or gold eyes to bold red lips—you’ll look flawless.


9.    Watch Christmas Vlogs!

Every year, a bunch of YouTubers participate in Vlogmas. It’s the greatest creation in the vlogging world where some of your favorite YouTubers will upload a video everyday until Christmas. (Which is a total win) Many of which get really into the Christmas spirit with their video intros and daily activities—the perfect way to help you get into the Christmas mood