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8 Thoughts During Your Last Semester of College

You’ve been through this before: the first day of school. But suddenly, it’s your last first day of school. After four, maybe five years of college, you’ve reached the end. For some of us, the end will come quicker, as December graduation looms in the not so distant future. Here are eight thoughts you’ll be having during your last semester of college.

“I feel so old! Those bright and shiny 18-year-olds are practically babies!”

“Was I that eager as a freshman?”

“Can I do the bare minimum and still graduate?”

“I should make the most of my last semester.”

“Do I still need to go to class?”

“What am I going to do when I graduate?”

“I’m going to miss college so much!”

“Wait, I still need to study for my finals?”

“OMG! I’ve graduated!!”

“I’m in the real world now?”

Victoria is a senior at Texas A&M University studying Bioenvironmental Sciences. She is a Chapter Advisor for HC National as well as a Contributing Writer for HC TAMU. She is also a Projects Coordinator with AGEISS Inc. Following graduation in December 2016, she will begin work in the environmental sector.
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