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The 8 Things You Have To Do At The State Fair of Texas

1. Eat, Eat, Eat!

The State Fair is known throughout the United States for its crazy creations of fried food. This year they have the award winning: cotton candy tacos, fried arroz con leche, and         something called Fernie’s Hoppin’ John Cake with Jackpot Sauce. The main attraction at this state fair is trying as much fried food as your body can handle!


2. Get buzzed!

The State Fair doesn’t only come up with crazy foods, they also have new drinks that bring a whole new level of fun to drinking!! From drinks like Corn Dog Ale (sounds         gross but don’t knock it til you try it!) to the less gross sounding Kool-Aid Pickle-Dilly Sangria, the choices are endless.  Make sure you drink responsibility!


 3. Get on the rides!

I’m someone who hates roller coasters or anything that spins me, so this recommendation doesn’t really apply to me, but when I’m forced to go on, they actually have a fun            variety.  My favorite is the Sparkletts Log Flume.


4. Walk through the livestock barns!

A lot of people don’t know that you can go through the barns and see the livestock up close. It’s one of my favorite things to do, you can see cattle, horses, pigs, sheep and many        other animals, like puppies, kittens and bunnies for your cuteness enjoyment.


5. Attend one of the many concerts the State Fair hosts

The State Fair, just like Houston Rodeo, hosts a bunch of different artists that play concerts in the State Fair, but unlike the Houston Rodeo, you don’t have to pay. They have open arenas where you can sit and relax on the lawn and watch the show.


6. Take a picture with Big Tex

If you didn’t take a picture with Big Tex, did you really go to the State Fair? Its hard to get a good picture without crowds of people in the background of your shot, but that’s what makes the State Fair experience real.


7. Ride the Texas Ferris Wheel

This is completely different from riding the rides. The Ferris Wheel is a Dallas staple, and ties in the whole State Fair experience. It can be scary for those afraid of heights but the view is breathtaking. Try going at night (with ya boo) for a romantic, starry view of the beautiful Dallas skyline.


8. Stay for the Starlight parade

The starlight parade takes place at night of the State Fair and it’s adorable. The parade         includes illuminate floats, stilt walkers and animated characters for the kiddos. It’s the         perfect ending to your State Fair experience.


Elizabeth Tejada, known to the majority of the people who are acquainted with her as "Liz," is a senior at Texas A&M University in College Station. She is pursuing a degree in Communication, with a speciality in Global Media and a minor in Spanish. She has been a writer for Her Campus TAMU for a year now and is currently a Her Campus Chapter Advisor. When she isn't obsessing over a new tv show she just watched, you can find her crying at work or at the Chick Fil A drive-thru with her best friends.   
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