8 Things to Bring to Aggie Football Games

From tailgates to standing on second deck for the whole game, A&M takes college football to a whole new level. If you want to survive game days, here are a few things you should bring (I’ve learned the hard way at Kyle Field without them).


  1. A Clear Bag



Listen, I know the SEC clear bag policy was probably the stupidest thing to ever be     implemented, but it’s better to invest in a clear bag than try and not bring any bag into the game. There are a lot of cute and spacious clear bags that will go great with any game day outfit, so you are prepared and ready to bring the rest of the items on the list.


2.  A Water bottle



The official Kyle Field policy is: “Fans may bring in 1 clear, unopened plastic water bottle up to 1 gallon in size.” It’s smarter to bring in water from outside because concession stand water can be pricey and one gallon may seem like a lot but it’ll be gone in an hour during day games.


3. Hair Ties



We all want to look good during game days, but after about 3 quarters of being pushed around by sweaty people, you’re going to want to put your hair up. It’s smart to carry bobby pins, a hair tie or a scrunchy so you can get your hair out of your face.


4. Sunscreen


This is crucial especially during day games. I sat in first deck with the sun directly on me and got a sunburn from my face all the way to my thighs. Get a small travel size bottle that can fit easily in a clear bag or small crossbody you bring into Kyle Field.


5. Sunglasses



Yet, another crucial thing during day and the beginning of night games! The sun hits all of the student section so if you want to watch the game without squinting, don’t forget those sunnies.


6. 12th man towel



Seems like an obvious item on the list, but most people forget it. Not only can you show your Aggie spirit by waving it, you can shield your face during those scorching hot day games.


7. Rain jacket/poncho (if weather calls for rain)



Texas weather is unpredictable. If the forecast calls for rain, be prepared for rain. Kyle Field is open and you do not want to be cheering for the Aggies while be drenched.


8. Cute but COMFORTABLE shoes



The 12th man does not sit down (unless it’s half time) so make sure that you have comfortable shoes. I know we all love to match our cowboy boots to our game day outfits but sometimes, it’s smarter to go for a cute pair of sneakers.