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7 Things to put on Your Christmas List for an Easier Spring Semester

Christmas might be coming fast, but spring semester is going to hit you like a truck. Here are a few things to include on your Christmas wish-list to make the start of that semester just a little bit easier.

The Day Designer

At $60 a planner, chic organization does not come cheap – but is definitely worth it. Starting in January of 2020, this planner has a full page for each day of the year. From an hour by hour glance to your daily gratitude and everything in between, this planner will keep you right on track for the new year. 


The Lush Christmas Line

Self-care will keep you from getting crazy stressed this spring, and Lush always has the perfect products. From bath bombs to shower jellies, these limited edition items deserve a spot on your list.


Comfy New Shoes

Running around campus is always easier in new shoes, right? The Adidas Ultraboost 19s come in a crazy amount of colors and are so comfortable no matter what the activity.


A Charging Phone Case

It’s impossible to remember everything all the time, and a phone charger is one of those things that seem to fall to the bottom of the priority list. Adding a charging case to your wish-list means your phone will always be alive for all those late night doordash orders to the library.


A Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets have snowballed into popularity, and I couldn’t recommend them enough. After staring at a laptop all day, it can be hard to fall asleep. Not only do these blankets assure a good night’s sleep, they can also help calm anxiety and stress. Sounds like a win to me.


The Glossier Makeup Set

The Glossier makeup set consists of the daily essentials. These products can easily fit in the palm of your hand and create a simple yet well-rounded makeup routine. When you don’t have time for a full makeup look before class, you’ll be glad you added this to your wish list.



A Simply Modern Tumbler

Iced coffee, water, tea, or whatever else may be your beverage of choice, this tumbler will keep drinks both hot and cold. In a variety of sizes and colors, there’s a style for everyone. Now there are no excuses to help save the environment and fuel your study sesh at the same time.


Kristen Hejl is a junior Special Education major at Texas A&M University. Her passions include food, emojis, dogs, and coffee. 9 times out of 10 you can find her following the Corps of Cadets around with a camera.
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