7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes 

Halloween is a popular holiday in college. Maybe it is the dressing up, the parties, or the occasional excuse to show more skin than you usually do, but as midterm season interferes with our schedules, sometimes we don’t have time to pick out the perfect costume. To spare you the trouble, here are 7 easy, and cute, costumes you can find in your wardrobe. 


Rosie the Riveter

Beyonce has done it, so why shouldn’t you? Grab a denim button down, jeans and a red bandana, and you’re good to go. 


Risky Business 

We all remember the iconic Tom Cruise dancing in a button down, boxer shorts and high socks. Throw on some black shades and listen to “Old Time Rock n' Roll” while getting ready for that extra kick. 


Wednesday Addams

If you’re into being a bit more creepy for Halloween, you can never go wrong with being Wednesday from the Addams family. Just throw on a black dress over a white collared shirt, black tights, boots, and braid your hair on both sides. 


Flower Child 

Every girl has something floral in her closet. Pull out your best floral piece, flower crown, and sandals to channel your inner hippie. Be sure to throw up the peace sign in any picture you take.   


Fierce Feline 

Being a cat for Halloween can be “basic,” but with the right makeup look, you can go from domestic kitty to kick ass queen of the savannah. Keep your outfit neutral tones like brown or black to let your makeup shine through. Be sure to add those cat ears for emphasis. 


Galactic Girl

This is the perfect time to try and see if you can rock the “space buns” look. Look to see if you have any green or metallic clothing pieces in your closet and rock some glitter makeup looks. 



Here’s another easy costume that focuses more on your makeup look. Add those eyeliner stitches and a flannel, and you’re ready to party. 


Use these ideas to transform your regular closet into effortless and cute Halloween costumes. They’re super cute and great for those who are drowning in schoolwork this holiday season.