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7 Delicious Food Hot Spots In College Station


Being a student in College Station, you get pretty used to the restaurants around you and they soon start to become the “usual”…no matter how delicious they are. Here are the top 7 student favorite restaurants found in College Station. 

1. Fuego- This is probably one of the greatest things this city has to offer (other than Texas A&M, of course). These affordable, mouth-watering tacos will leave you wanting more no matter how full you get. And lets not forget about their one of a kind QUESO and the fact that it is open 24/7 (perfect for the nights after Northgate). 

2. Hullabaloo Diner- Looking for some brunch or just a good ole’ American meal for dinner? This diner serves a scrumptious breakfast and not only that but has a variety of options to choose from for lunch and dinner too. You can trust us, it was even approved by Guy Fieri from Food Network.


3. Layne’s- Being the main competitor of Raising Cane’s, Layne’s is great for college students on a budget. You can get a full meal of chicken fingers and fries and it’s all so cheap! And we haven’t even gotten to the best part! The amazing sauce! 


4. Potato Shack- Potato Shack is home to basically any kind of baked potato you can think of, so yes it is a dream come true to all you potato lovers. Go in and let your world change with their tasty baked potatoes. 


5. Hungry Howie’s- Why choose Hungry Howie’s over all the other pizza places there are to offer? Two words: the crust. Their huge selection of crust flavors make their pizza one of a kind and makes the pizza overall that much better. Stop by for a cheesy, flavorful experience. 


6. Shiraz Shish Kabob- Need something exotic in your life? This Persian restaurant has many kabobs to choose from and is served with a delicious side of rice, bread, and vegetables. It is one of the more popular spots out of the few Middle Eastern restaurants in College Station, but the food definitely hits the spot.


7. Kolache Rolf’s- Kolache Rolf’s, basically kolache heaven. And for those of you not from Texas (yes, it is a just a Texas thing), a kolache is a sausage wrapped in dough and baked to perfection. With a wide selection of kolaches, it is a great fast, easy to go breakfast!


So for the time being, we suggest you make sure to take full advantage of the all these tasty options you have so close, before it’s time to graduate and leave. And even for those of you who are just passing through, these are some finger-licking options that will make your visit to this city an unforgettable one!

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