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6 Ways to Celebrate the End of Finals Week

Show of hands how many people are D-O-N-E with finals? Yeah, me too. Here are 6 ways to celebrate the week every college student dreads:


Pre-game with pals and hit the town, or you know that strip of University Drive, where ish goes down. Try some new drinks, grab a pizza from Antonio’s and chill.

Netflix and Wine

Slip into something comfy and catch up on that tv series you never had time for. Finally, you will find out who Jess ends up with in season six of New Girl. Sip on some wine, if you wanna get fancy.

Throw a Baking Party 

Okay, this one isn’t only for finals. Because let’s face it, brownies and cookies are the best any time. Just make sure you bake your cake and get to eat it too.


After days of sleep deprivation and throwing back coffee like a stereotypical frat guy tossing back beer, you should rest.

Dance at Harry’s/Foundie’s or in Your Room Like Nobody’s Watching

If you’ve got the moves, flaunt ‘em. I, for one, do not have what it takes to become a contestant on World of Dance, but I know how awesome it feels to dance in a circle with your closest friends. If you’re the type to dance in circles around your friends, then that’s cool too. Let it all out.


Two words. Road. Trip. Usually when people are done with finals, it means they’re about ready to head back home. So whether you’re ready to feast on a home-cooked meal at home like royalty, or singing and dancing with your crew on your way to that one hot spot you heard of but never had the chance to visit because your books were stacked nearly as tall as you, jam out to the Chainsmokers or throwbacks. Whatever gets you going. You deserve it!

It’s only a week, We got this!

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