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The 6 Types of Friends You Have in College

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

1. The Younger Ones

These are the friends that can’t get into Chimy’s with you past 10 o’clock, so you sacrifice your time at the bars your most comfortable in to spend time with them, like Shiner’s or Gatsby’s, and, dare I say it, Foundies… (Sorry, but I don’t love any of my friends enough to go back into that place). If they can’t get into any bar or club on Northgate, they’re too young for you, bro!

2. The Older Ones

These are the friends that have to act as your mom sometimes, because as much as you’d like to think you’re a big responsible grown-up, you still have your moments. They’re normally the voice of reason when you’re trying to figure out how to handle your own mess of a life. They shouldn’t have to help you, but they do because they love you, and sometimes, you’re stupid and could use the help.

3. The Ones You’ve Known Forever and Only See Occasionally

But when you do catch up, you pick up right where you left off. These are the friendships that will last well into your post-graduate, adult-life because you’re already practicing for having such a busy life that you can only see each other once every few months. They’re the best!


4. The Ones You Spend ALL of Your Time With

Your “clique,” “posse,” whatever. This is the group of friends you are with at any given moment. An effort to make solid plans is rare because no matter the plan, it’s assumed you are doing it together. If for any reason you are spotted without them, you always get asked where they are, and freakishly enough, you always know the answer.

5. The “Class” Friends

These friends are the ones single-handedly getting you through class, but the friendship doesn’t extend much beyond homework and studying sessiosn. You can’t live without them, but you also probs wouldn’t go to Northgate with them, and that’s okay! The feeling is most likely mutual.


6. The Ones with Boyfriends

Yeah, you probably don’t see them much unless they’re fighting with their boyfriend or you just keep relentlessly begging them to drink with you until they give in. Lemme tell ya though, when they do give in, it’s always a good time because you’ve missed them so much!

One thing is for sure: we couldn’t make it through college without them right by our side to support us as we all make terrible decisions. We’re all in this massive trial-and-error stage that is college together, and we all want to have a little fun while we’re here. I love you, friends!

Texas A&M University Senior Communication Major, as well as an obsessive rescue dog mom. Just trying to survive the massive trial-and-error that is college.   "Change is the only constant." -unknown
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