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6 Reasons why I LOVE my job at Ulta!

I have been working for Ulta Beauty for over a year and I honestly love my job! If you’re SUPER into makeup and also enjoy the retail world, here are just a few reasons why I’d highly recommend getting a job at your local Ulta!

The Ulta Team

The people that you work around are SUPER important, because you are constantly around them. Most of the time they make or break the job. My Ulta Team has been so encouraging and helpful, I immediately felt welcomed and comfortable enough to ask them any questions. I became friends with many of my coworkers pretty quickly and that has made my time working there so much fun!

Flexibility with School

My Ulta store manager has always been pretty flexible with my school schedule. I am a “permanent” seasonal employee since I only work summers and the holidays because I am away from home during the school year. They were very understanding of my internship last summer and worked around the few days I wanted off for vacations and special events. I was also taking summer classes at my local community college back home and so were a few of my coworkers. They were very understanding and tried to work with us the best they could.

Room For Improvement

If you’re only interested in a part-time job OR a lifetime career, Ulta offers you room to grow in the company. I am a beauty advisor for Ulta and my tasks consist of being at the register, organizing, restocking product, working BOPIS which is our stores new (order online and pick up in-store) service, assisting customers with product questions, helping unload the truck at very early times in the morning, and also working super late nights rearranging parts of the store. You can ultimately become lead cashier if you’re good at the register and can work more hours. You can also work the mac counter, be a brow specialist, work in the hair salon, be a prestige manager, a prestige advisor, and so on.

If you love the makeup and beauty world and are interested in learning different skills, you definitely have many opportunities in one single store. Ulta has different brands coming into the store throughout the year and training employees about different makeup products. Ulta also holds different brand events in store which are very informative and educational. 

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You also have the potential to receive GRATIS! Gratis is Ulta’s incentive or reward to employees who have gone out of their way or have done something fabulous. I’ve received quite a bit of Gratis in my time working there, ranging from Exuvience skincare products, Anastacia’s Brow Wiz, Too Faced mascaras, travel size perfumes, face masks, hairspray and much more! Honestly, anything Ulta gives you is pretty sweet because Ulta has so many amazing brands and products they carry. I once got an entire backpack full of free goodies!

The Employee Discount

This is the JUICY part you’ve been waiting for! When working for Ulta, you get an employee discount of 25% any item in the store and even a discount on any Salon Service! Your employee discount also works on clearance items and promotional sales Ulta has going on. ISN’T THAT AMAZING? Ulta also has special times throughout the year in which they add EXTRA deals for Ulta Employees on top of the other discount; they refer to it as an “Employee Appreciation Discount”. During the holidays this past year, we got an EXTRA 20-25% off of certain brands like Mac, Clinique, Too Faced and tons of others! It only lasted for a limited time (usually a week) but we received the employee appreciation discount ON TOP of the regular 25% employee discount. That’s 50% off or more on those certain brands! That is the prime time I shop. I bought 4 of my favorite Mac foundations for $15 each which is half off their original price! I definitely don’t have to worry about getting foundation for the rest of the school year.


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I have always loved the beauty industry and makeup. As I’ve grown older, I’ve started becoming obsessed with skincare products as well as hair care, because of my difficult curly locks. I love that Ulta is always adding new brands and products into their store that you can learn about and try out yourself. Ulta embraces the creativity of their employees and promotes individuality. If you are looking for a challenge and want to work on your makeup and customer service skills, Ulta is a great way to do just that!

If you are passionate about makeup and helping others definitely give Ulta a try! Ulta provides so many unique opportunities and definitely treats their employees. I’ve enjoyed my time working there so far and I am excited to continue working there for a few more years!

Hello! My name is Jackie and I am a Sophomore Allied Health Major at Texas A&M University. I love coffee dates, rolled ice cream, concerts, and blogging & vlogging. (:
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