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5 Undeniable Perks of Being Single on Valentine’s Day

It’s officially “THAT” time of the year, the one day in February that everyone wishes to have a significant other. You probably feel the pressure to find a date because nothing sounds more lonely than spending Valentine’s day alone, right? Well, I think not. Despite what you may think, being single can actually be a perk on this day. And here’s a couple reasons why…


1. You can save money

Lets face it. Valentine’s Day can get pretty expensive with all the romantic gestures of gifts, surprises, and more for your significant other. Well lucky for your wallet, you can save money and use it to buy something for yourself. It’s the perfect time to treat yo’ self.


2. Connect with your gals

Spending Valentine’s Day with your friends can be just as SPECIAL and FUN as spending it with someone else. Gather all your besties up for a Galentine’s Day party and forget all about how single you are. Just enjoy good company and know this day is what you make it.


3. You can do whatever you want

Don’t get yourself down if you don’t have a Valentine this year. You are a single, independent, woman who don’t need no man (trust me). Take advantage of your freedom and do whatever you feel like. Go eat all the candy you’d like. Then, the next day hit up your local store for all your favorite candy on sale.


4. Less stress

Planning the perfect gift or surprise for your significant other on Valentine’s day can be quite stressful. Being single puts less stress on yourself, and allows you just enjoy the day with no worries. It’s all about you, remember.


5. Time to yourself

Being single on Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to focus all of your energy on yourself. Use this to do things that make you happy. Go journal down your thoughts, listen to your favorite podcast, eat chocolate, all while chilling in your best hoodie and sweatpants combo.


So, for all of those spending another Valentine’s Day by yourself, keep your head up and remember this can be a perk too.


I’ll leave you with this genius quote:


“I love being single. It’s almost like being rich.”

   – Sue Grafton

Ryane is a Senior Communications major and Journalism minor at Texas A&M University. Her hobbies include health/fitness, working on her business (@tonesxthree), and writing articles for Her Campus! 
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