5 Things To Watch To Restore Your Faith in Humanity

5. My Neighbor Totoro

It is no surprise that a Studio Ghibli film made it to the list. These movies are all basically specialized in attempting to renew the faith in humanity. But My Neighbor Totoro really got me right in the feels; it made me nostalgic, hopeful, in awe of the beautiful animation, and fully engrossed in the story. Somehow, Totoro turned me into a child again. Not because I was watching a movie made for children, but rather because it made me feel held and comforted by the wonders of the world around me. It doesn’t restore your faith in humanity purposely, which is why I had to put it so far down on the list, but it does give me hope, which is a step in the right direction.

You can currently find My Neighbor Totoro is streaming on HBO Now.

4. Pride and Prejudice (2005)

Of course, the book version is always better, but there is something about this movie that fills me with hope. If you have ever had trouble believing in love, or, like me, have spent too much time reading enemies-to-lovers fanfictions, this film is definitely for you! Not only can it make the most reluctant of romantics believe in love again, but it is, in general, a beautiful movie. And I love it, most ardently. I do not know how to even begin explaining the feelings that this movie gives me, so I’ll let it speak for itself.  

Pride and Prejudice is currently available on Netflix.


3. Avatar: The Last Airbender

Everyone, with their mother, has watched Avatar: The Last Airbender this quarantine. (I literally made my mom watch it with me, and she loved it.)Well, in case you’ve been staying off the internet for the past 4 months, let me be the first to tell you about the wondrous world of Avatar. In a world where people can “bend” or manipulate certain elements, such as water, earth, fire, and air, only one person from each generation is given the ability to do so with all four. This individual is known as the Avatar, the soul responsible for bringing peace, harmony, and balance to the world. However, when the Avatar goes missing for a hundred years, the evil Fire Nation threatens to invade and take over the other nations of the world. A young girl and her brother then suddenly encounter the Avatar and explain to him that the world is a lot different than it was 100 years ago. Together, the children must find a way to stop the Fire Nation from colonizing peaceful nations and restore balance to the world. It sounds heavy, but trust me, the series is literally one of the most beautifully written stories to exist. I promise that by the end of it, your faith in humanity will be just a little stronger. 

You can find all three books (seasons) streaming on Netflix.


2. The Mandolorian

A Star Wars show on a list about restoring your faith in humanity? I know, but hear me out. The Mandolorian isn’t the lightsaber-wielding show with gratuitous violence and a surprising amount of lost limbs that you’re expecting. No, it is much bigger than that. At its heart, The Mandolorian is about love, not romantic love, but unconditional familial love. Without the risk of spoilers, I’ll tell you that the series has a feel that is very different from any show I’ve ever seen. It’s dark in some parts, but there’s an overarching theme of hope and love that will leave you feeling relieved at the end of each episode. It is almost comparable to a feel-good show, but instead of lives being turned around like on Queer Eye, you’re watching a masked assassin save a little baby from being captured by the disbanded Empire’s loyalists. Also, this is the show that has baby Yoda in it. This is the real way to restore your faith in humanity. 

You can find the entire first season streaming on Disney+.


1. The Good Place

Written by the geniuses who brought us Parks and Recreation,   and Brooklyn Nine-NineThe Good Place is a series about a group of unalike friends that navigate through the surprising twists and turns of the afterlife. And, man, are there a lot of twists and turns!. But by far, the best thing about the show is the way it tackles moral philosophy in an easy-to-understand manner that does not make you want to fall asleep. At its core, The Good Place attempts to relate to the everyday person, understanding how hard it is to be "good" in a morally grey society. It gives you hope and shows, in the end, that people are capable of change and empathy- nobody is too far gone to be good. Overall, it is a beautiful and hilarious show that will make you shed a few tears and laugh them away within the 30-minute run time. 

You can find all four seasons streaming on Netflix.