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5 Things Girls Wear on Campus

Walking around campus everyday, you will constantly see some of the same popular styles on everyone. Here are five things that almost every girl on campus wears to class. 

1. Nike Free Runs

These shoes have become some of the most popular running shoes for girls of all ages. They come in different colors and you can even customize them to fit your own personal style.

2. Nike athletic shorts

These shorts are both comfortable and they easily go with anything. There are always new colors coming out so it’s normal for girls to have a whole drawer in their closets dedicated to them.

3. Big T-Shirt

A lot of people don’t understand the big T-shirt trend. When you are walking back and forth across campus and staying up late to study, a T-shirt is the easiest thing to throw on and go. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about looking a mess in class because 95% of the class is wearing the same thing.

4. Monogram necklace

Having your items personalized has always been a cute trend but having your initials on a gold and silver chain is a cute accessory that will match your day and night outfits. 

5. The North Face backpack

This backpack is an expensive one, but it’s so worh the price. It’s durable and has pockets for everything including your laptop. It’s a great investment for college girls.

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