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Walking from the bus stop to my first class (7:30 AM: Fighting – BSS and Lee Youngji)

On early mornings, I like to listen to high energy songs that get me prepped for the day. This song “Fighting” by SEVENTEEN members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi is literally about how even though the day seems bleak, we have to keep going about our day with good vibes. I always feel a little happier in the morning with this song playing.

Walking to my second class (9:30 AM: Still Life – RM and Anderson Paak)

My second class of the day is usually chemistry and I really have to carry on the good vibes. This song by BTS member RM talks about still life paintings and how we can never be like said paintings because we keep moving. It’s been one of my motto’s for the semester and I definitely keep it in mind as I balance those acid-base reactions.

Walking to get lunch (11:30 AM: Pour It Up – Rihanna)

I’m definitely getting into hangry territory at this point so Rihanna songs keep me going on the way to Sbisa. All her songs from her Super Bowl performance have remade their way to my playlist because she has such toe tapping, fun music that brings me right back to high school.

Walking to my last class (12:30 PM: Dorothea – Taylor Swift)

My last class is psychology and Taylor Swift songs are often referenced in lecture by my Professor. It’s no surprise to anyone that her songs, especially from folklore and evermore, have such unique literary quality and character building that they put me right in the mindset of open facts courses like psychology.

On the bus home (2:00 PM: Can’t Love You Anymore – IU, Oh Hyuk)

It may seem strange to start a day with high energy songs and end on slower ones but it helps me unwind after a long day. I love IU because she’s one of the best ballad singers I’ve ever listened too and I love this song because it makes me feel like someone in a café after a long day. I’m always calm on the way home, mostly because class is over but the music definitely helps.

Surmayee Thakur is a freshmen English major at Texas A&M University. Besides a passion for writing anything from lyrics to stories to articles, you can find her listening to music, reading fantasy novels, or singing!