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Have a block? Need a burst of creativity? Here are a couple writing prompts that can turn the mundane day into an outlandish story.

  • You’re running down campus, already five minutes late to your next class.  With a racing heart, you round the corner, and run smack dab into another person.  Or so you think…
  • You’re soaked through, waiting for the last campus bus alone at night, when suddenly the lamp light above you starts to flicker, flick–the light sputters out.
  • It’s freshman year, you’re new to campus, and your friends dare you to jump in the fountain.  Not one to back down from a dare, you leap into the body of water–about three feet deep.  But when your feet touch the water, the water grows and grows and grows.  Soon, it’s swallowing you whole.
  • It’s Friday night, you’re dressed up to play, giddy for a carefree night of fun.  But when you step out of your apartment building, unease pools in your stomach.   A chill races up your spine as the hairs on your arms rise.  Then–then you spot it
  • As your professor continues to drone on and on about the different political structures in the early 1600s, your eyes slip closed as your mind wanders.  You begin daydreaming about leprechauns breaking in through the windows, shouting about their pot of gold.  “Gold, where are thy gold?” they demand.  “Where are thy gold?!”  You laugh quietly, humored by the impossibility of the situation.  But when your eyes open, you freeze.  The leprechauns are actually in the room.
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