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5 Comedy Shows To Try Out (That You Probably Haven’t Seen) When You Need a Break From School, and Where to Stream Them

As college courses start to swing into full gear, I've already found myself wanting to take a break and clear my mind of the school stress. I always like to turn on the TV and stream some funny shows, but it's gotten more and more difficult to find quality comedies to watch that I haven't already seen. Having the same problem? Below is the solution.  

"Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" (2012-present) - Netflix

“Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is a Netflix original series, and probably the first show of its kind. It is a comedy, but it’s simple. Each episode can range from a few minutes to twenty minutes, and there are over 80 episodes. The host of the show is Jerry Seinfeld, who picks up a different comedian in a different car every episode. They ride around in said car for a while, and sometimes make stops at different restaurants or other public locations. Seinfeld asks questions about their personal lives, how they got their career started in comedy, and most importantly: they ALWAYS discuss the history and specifications of the car chosen for that episode. As a bonus, it’s almost guaranteed that every few episodes, one of the celebrities will roast Jerry Seinfeld for the infamous "Bee Movie" that we all love to hate. 

"PEN15" (2019-present) - Hulu

This tv show is a Hulu original, and though it might make some people uncomfortable at times, it is undoubtedly hilarious. Two adult women play the part of middle schoolers in this cringe comedy..but every other middle schooler in the show is an actual middle schooler. You may think this aspect of the show is too distracting, but the two main actresses play the roles surprisingly well. You'll probably even forget they're adults sometimes. Throughout the series, the pair will navigate middle school love, puberty, family, friendship, and honestly some really random situations.

"The Muppets, abc" (2015) - DIsney +

This may be an unexpected selection, but give this show a chance! This is another workplace comedy, but with a twist..the workers are the beloved Muppets. With just the right amount of satire and Muppet flings, this comedy series is definitely one you you should add to your Disney+ watchlist. Though this show was cancelled after only one season because of the lack of viewers willing to watch Muppets on late night television,  the viewers that did/do watch the show have rated it very highly across movie rating platforms in the audience scores. 

And yes, that is indeed Liam Hemsworth. There are lots more guest stars where that came from. 

"Superstore" (2015-present) - Hulu

Superstore follows the day to day lives of “Cloud 9” employees, which is similar to Walmart or maybe Target. This workplace comedy scored an impressive 92% on the “tomatometer” (via Rotten Tomatoes), and has MANY seasons. You won’t have to worry about running out of episodes to watch right away, and this quirky comedy is sure to evoke a few laughs when you need to take a load off.

Between Two Ferns (2008-2011) - amazon prime, Netflix

Though each episode is only a few minutes each, this series has a lot to offer. Written by Zach Galifianakus and hosted by Zach Galifianakus, ”Between Two Ferns” boasts a whopping 22 interviews and one special. In each episode, Zach Galifianakus awkwardly interviews a different celebrity. Sometimes someone is offended, and sometimes the interviewee plays along or even upstages him. These interactions can be extremely comical, especially since the show is totally unscripted. Expect to see some really big names on the show, including Barack Obama, Cardi B, and - you guessed it - other comedians. There’s also a spin off movie that was “certified fresh“ through Rotten Tomatoes, which I highly recommend watching if you like Will Ferrell style stupid humor.

I hope you enjoyed this list of my go-to shows when I want to kick back and have some effortless laughs. 

Taylor is a geology and climate student at Texas A&M University, with a passion for reading and writing. She is a lover of animals, Seattle, art, all things vintage, and ketchup. When she isn't studying, playing basketball, gaming, or painting, she can be found eating chicken fries while watching a thriller or mystery film.
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