365 New Beginnings

Everyone dreads Mondays.


Because you’re dreading all of the upcoming due dates and exams you have that week, not to mention, all the sleep you’ll miss out on.

What if we looked at Monday a little different?

Monday’s are like that friend who loves 8 A.M. classes or that friend who is a little too honest but always has good intentions. Out of the 365 days in a year, Mondays are the most important.

I’ve come to realize that as much as I dread Mondays, they really are new beginnings.

I say this because there have been plenty of weeks that have not gone the way I planned them to go, ultimately having a bad week. Bad weeks lead to regret, stress, and a bit of confusion, but most importantly, any bad week leads to a new week. A bad week is like the penny on the ground facing tails, but when it comes to pennies, you simply brush it off and realize you’ll eventually encounter a penny facing heads.

Why shouldn’t we approach a bad week with the same mindset?

New beginnings are always around the corner and they start with Monday. A new week brings 7 out of the 365 days to try again. You’re given the chance to flip a new page in your planner and open a new door.

We tend to let the bad weeks define us by becoming so wrapped up in what we did wrong and simply loosing hope. We need to realize that what is done is done, and that it’s time to start from step one. Although Monday’s give us a chance to try again, maybe we should stop trying to fix something and start something new.

So, with all that being said, Mondays should go a little bit like this:

Wake up to your second alarm because let’s be honest, who wakes up to their first alarm?

Afterwards, take a sip of your warm and delicious cup of coffee and say, “Thank God it’s Monday!”