31 Power Moves to Pull at Chilifest

It's that time of year again, Chilifest is back in Snook, Texas. Another year of skipping Friday classes, performers, beer showers and dropping half of your bank account on a ticket. If you're looking for a way to take your Chilifest experience to the next level, you should pull any of the following powermoves

  1. Bring your own chili.
  2. Invite your professor to Chilifest.
  3. Invite your parents.
  4. Buy a ticket for your friends who are on the fence about Chilifest and Venmo request them for it later. Include a service fee, since you’re doing them a huge favor.
  5. Ask your professors if Chilifest counts as a University Excused Absence.
  6. Q-drop all classes you have a test in on Friday or take the zero.
  7. Arrive in a limousine.
  8. Arrive on a horse.
  9. Email all your Friday class professors a selfie of you at Chilifest. Put “Priotities” on the subject line of the email.
  10. Blackout before the first performer comes on.
  11. Brag about how you went to Chilifest as a senior in high school.
  12. Blackout before you even get there.
  13. Cut the port-a-potty line.
  14. Make all of Snook, Tx, your own personal port-a-potty.
  15. Turn Chilifest into a 48-hour event by sleeping in your car in the Chilifest parking lot.
  16. Bring your own stereo and sound equipment to set up near the stage and play your Spotify playlist over the performers because who actually likes country music?
  17. Walk around with an open umbrella to avoid beer showers.
  18. Rock multiple fanny packs.
  19. “Your build is pretty good, but ours is better.”
  20. Break a beer pong table that isn’t yours.
  21. Participate in the ass luge. The evil twin of the infamous boob luge.
  22. Assume all alcohol is free alcohol, even if it’s not in the build you paid for.
  23. Personally hand each performer a list of song requests.
  24. Drink as much alcohol as you can before anyone else gets the chance.
  25. Post every embarrassing, and potentially career ruining, video of your friends at Chilifest on all of your social media accounts.
  26. Give a cop a beer shower.
  27. Brag about how drunk you got at last year’s Chilifest.
  28. Pickup any seemingly valuable items you find on the ground and sell them on Aggie Free and For Sale.
  29. Shot gun every 20 minutes or GTFO.
  30. Forget beer showers, throw a full can of beer into the crowd.
  31. Post an in-depth review of Chilifest on Sunday morning in the organization you went with’s Facebook event page.