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3 Male Korean Solo Artists You Should Listen to Now

To all my K-Pop lovers, 안녕 (annyeong)! To those new to or interested in the world of all things K, hello! Welcome to another article covering my experiences of the world of K-Pop as a foreign stan. Before we get started, let me state that I am a multi-stan. I stan several k-pop groups and solo artists. (But BTS are my OT7) Therefore, I will be non-biased and equally loving to all the solo artists I am going to introduce you to. Not every artist will be k-pop; some will be more R&B or have that OST feel. Now, I know there are many, many talented artists out there, but I am going to just show you 3 solo artists that have grabbed my attention and made me want to listen to more than just one of their songs. If you are a k-pop stan and know an artist who I have not listed and would love for them to be highlighted, feel free to reach out to me so I can slip them into my next article! My Instagram handle is @zoechaibrown. Also, if you just want to be friends with this crazy K stan, feel free to add me! I’d love to get to know you, and maybe I can help drag you deeper into the dark hole that is k-pop. Or if you are already a stan, I always, always need more k-pop stan friends!

Demian (데미안)

First up, we have the precious Demian! I discovered Demian almost a year ago just after his debut song, “Cassette.” While Demian is a rather unknown artist, his music is unique and well-worth the listen. There are two words to describe Demian’s music: dreamy and aesthetic. While Demian is still officially considered a “pop artist,” his songs lean more towards the “chill vibes” with a splash of whimsical romance. So, the next time you sit down to study or work, give Demian a try. His chill, romantic music is the best for studying!



Next up, WOODZ! Being a member of the group, UNIQ, and former member of the group X1, Cho Seung Youn already had a fan base when he started his solo career under his artist name WOODZ. WOODZ sucked me in during the first second of his song “Accident.” His style of pop music ranges from alternative R&B to total bops! Make sure to give WOODZ a listen the next time you want a good bop or R&B to chill to.

TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: Different, Accident, Love Me Harder, NOID, Rebound, Meaningless

Gaho (가호)

The next artist, Gaho. This man’s voice is so dynamic. He completely pulled me in with his emotions in his debut song “Stay Here.” Debuting his solo career in 2018, Gaho has sung OSTs (Original Soundtrack Songs) for several popular Korean dramas. He is also well-versed in his covers of songs from popular k-pop groups, often adding his own theme to the song to mix it up.

TOP RECOMMENDATIONS: Stay Here, Start, Then, Wish

There you have it! These are 3 male Korean solo artists you should know. I love all three of them equally and highly recommend each of them for your next spree of discovering new artists!

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