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In the world of K-Dramas exists many genres. The “historical” genre consists of kings, princes, princesses, love, tragedy, and the mystical. If you are ready to be daring, here are three historical K-Drama recommendations. 


1. Hwarang

Genre: Historical, Romance, Action, Friendship

Main Actors: Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik

Main Actress: Go Ah Ra

Episodes: 20 (1 hr. run time)

Available On: Viki, Netflix

This historical drama revolves around a mysterious, young man without a past and a peasant boy. The peasant boy and mysterious, young man join a special school which trains the kingdom’s prettiest and brightest to become the future king’s special forces. The young men for this school are selected from the wealthiest royal families who run the kingdom. The peasant boy and mysterious young man work together to find those who wish to assassinate the young prince whose identity is unknown. Will loyalty, family, and power break the boys’ bond?


2. My Country

Genre: Action, Historical, Romance, Tragedy

Main Actors: Yang Se Jong, Woo Do Hwan

Main Actress: Kim Seol Hyun

Episodes: 16 (1 hr. 20 min. run time)

Available On: Netflix

Two childhood friends from different family backgrounds are dragged into the war between generals and kings. They fight on opposing sides to survive and keep the other alive. Will the world turn them against each other? Will they be able to survive these tumultuous times together? Who will win? The boys or those who hunger for power?


3. 100 Days My Prince

Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama Main Actor: Do Kyung Soo

Main Actress: Nam Ji Hyun

Episodes: 16 (1 hr. 15 min. run time)

Available On: Viki

After escaping his attackers, a young prince loses his memory. He wakes to find himself in a strange world: a small, unimportant village. A young girl he’s never seen before keeps telling him he is her fiancé. As time goes on, the more he realizes he does not belong in the small village; however, he finds himself falling in love with his strange and eccentric wife. Will his memory of being prince return? Will he return to the palace? Who are his attackers? Will the young couple be able to stay together?


These dramas bring tears and smiles, and the journey is well worth it!  I highly recommend!

(P.S. Viki is a platform which provides Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese dramas as well as Kpop and Kdrama news and events!  Most shows are free, but you can unlock several other great shows with an affordable subscription!)



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