3 Drugstore Products That Should Already Be in Your Collection

The drugstore always hidden gems. Years into my makeup addiction, I have figured out a list of practical products the average girl will love. These are my top three products at the drugstore.  


1.) Buffet – The Ordinary:  

The ordinary is a serious life changer. This "buffet" serum is under fifteen dollars and acheives serious results. It’s the perfect skincare item for a gal in her early twenties. It targets early signs of aging while leaving your skin effortlessly moisturized. Buffet contains many different peptides with antiaging properties, eleven skin safe amino acids, as well as hyaluronic acid. Within a week of use, I began to see a difference in my skins overall texture and moisture level! It feels like high end skincare, but doesnt hurt your pocket.


2.) Lash Sensational Mascara: Maybelline 

Now, while I love drugstore products, I am a total fiend for high end cosmetics. For years, the only mascara I would let touch my lashes was the “Dior Overcurl Mascara.” If you’ve ever used it, you'd understand why. The mascara effortlessly curls and lengthens any lash like a pro. The Dior retails at a hefty twenty-nine dollars and change, however, nothing else made my lashes look the way she did. I put up with that price tag until I found this mascara. The Lash Sensational Mascara, by Maybelline, stole the crown as my holy grail mascara. The best part is, this mascara does everything that the Dior number does, however, the maybeline is only eight dollars. Do yourself a huge favor and pick it up when you run out of your current tube!


3.) Ardell Wispies 113 


My final holy grail drugstore product would have to be Ardell “Wispies.” I know what you're thinking, these lashes are everyone's favorite, but I use them a little differently. For the days I want to keep it casual, but elevate my look ever so slightly, I apply Wispies to a bare face. They look very similar to eyelash extensions when applied correctly. Next time you purchase a thin banded strip lash, try applying it underneath your lashline. They appear much more natural, if that is your thing.  Wispies are long enough to feel slightly glamorous without putting in any effort. Also, you can totally rock these wearing college casual attire. It definitely doesn’t look out of place. The best part is, if you take care of your lashes, they can last for several wears. A pack of five Wispies retails for around twelve dollars, way cheaper than lash extensions, and much better for your natural lashes when using the right adhesive. 


Well, that's it! I highly encourange anyone reading to pick up these products from your local drugstore or Ulta. Truly, they are game changers.