25 Things To Do Instead of Studying for Finals

With the end of the semester upon us, college students everywhere are becoming more anxiety ridden as the days go on, getting ready to be emerged in hell on earth: finals.

Of course, students are already getting their flashcards, study guides and Quizlets ready for the impending doom that will soon take over their lives, right? Wrong.

We all know that college students are the best procrastinators. So, if you’re one of the ones that are trying everything to avoid studying but are running out of ideas, here’s some things that you can try: 

  1. Think about all the finals you have to study for 
  2. Cry 
  3. Organize a “study group” with your roommates or friends
  4. Spend the whole “study group” Instagram stalking people
  5. Accidentally like your crush’s sister’s picture from 92 weeks ago
  6. Have a mental breakdown because you know appear as a psycho
  7. Order a pizza
  8. Eat the pizza 
  9. Feel bad about eating the pizza and contemplate going to the gym
  10. Avoid going to the gym
  11. Watch the TV show you’ve already watched 3 times 
  12. Quote the show perfectly even though it has 9 seasons with 22 episodes each 
  13. Get bored and start watching vine compilations 
  14. Cry because you remembered Vine is dead 
  15. Get on Facebook 
  16. Get distracted by click bait 
  17. End up taking a Buzzfeed quiz to determine what kinda sandwich would you be based on your zodiac sign 
  18. Check Facebook again, just in case you missed anything 
  19. Watch every single friend’s story on Snapchat 
  20. Contemplate student withdrawal 
  21. Remember you have to make your parents proud 
  22. Finally pick up your laptop 
  23. Accidentally spend another 5 hours looking at puppy pictures 
  24. Cry again 
  25. Finally log on to eCampus and get to studying