25 Fun Things To Do in the BCS Area

College Station is about as fun as the name sounds. Here’s a list of some of the fun things you can do in the BCS area!


25. Go To Post Oak Mall

    This one is just like stepping into a time machine and traveling back in time.

24. Park on the Grass by Park West

    If you’re craving an adrenaline rush take your compact SUV to the Park West parking lot and drive around a few times. 

23. Spend $6 On a Latte

    My absolute favorite thing. While you’re spending too much money on coffee you can also hear people share extremely intimate details of their life to someone they’ve met twice. 

22. Northgate

    What else is there to do on a Friday night? The ultimate spot to see everybody else you know get absolutely wasted. 

21. Go On a Tinder Date

    This school might be huge, but the dating pool is not. Go a little wild and meet up with a person you’ll regret speaking to. 

20. Sit Third Deck At A Football Game

    Sunburn SZN baby! You can pretend the football players are tiny little people and complain to your roommates when you don’t understand anything.

19. Find Out You Can’t Use Dining Dollars at the MSC Barnes & Noble Cafe

    A rookie mistake that kills time and only leads to disappointment.

18. Count to Ten

    Math 141 comes in handy for this one. If you’re bored you can even try counting to 20.

17. Get Rained On

    A super fun thing to do in BCS, especially when all the ladies come out in their matching Hunter boots and navy with a thick white stripe rain jackets. (I am guilty of this).

16. Make Eye Contact With a Bus Driver As They Drive Away

    This adrenaline rush may not be as scary as the Park West one, but 

15. Park At Century Square Without Paying

    We love gentrification. To really stick it to the man park your car and walk into Hopdoddy without looking back. 

14. Watch Everyone Around you Get Lip Tats And Piercings

    You know who I’m talking about. Cult. 

13. Catch Allergies

    I know these aren’t contagious, but why does the Brazos Valley have to wild out every spring? 

12. Avoid Eye Contact With Corps Boys

    Eye Contact = Century Tree Proposal

11. Run Into Your Ex Who Is Not Your Ex…(But Still)!

    If I had a nickel for every time this happened, I would maybe have one whole dollar. 

10. Sit On the Top of a Parking Garage

    You can take cute sunset/sunrise pics all wrapped up in a blanket and write some long sappy caption about your memories at TAMU with your roomies.

9. Go to the Rec But Get Scared of the Men

    It’s fun to finally get the courage to go to the gym only to have people with ridiculous testosterone levels judge you.

8. Go to a Profit Share

    Eat mediocre food. Support you friend’s organization. What else is there to life?

7. Drive Through Construction

    This one can really kill time if you’re bored around BCS. Pop a few curbs on the way to make it an extreme adventure. Maybe even run over a nail and pop one of your tires. 

6. Spend 45 Minutes Waiting on Coffee From Evans Starbucks

    You can learn so much from the graphic on the wall that describes the coffee growing regions of the world.

5. Debate over Torchy’s/Fuego or Cane’s/Layne’s

    Instead of actually eating the food just tell people their differing opinion is wrong! It has the same nutritional value!

4. Drive to Houston

    Not my favorite city, but the closest city.

3. Drive to Dallas

    Farther than Houston, but worth it. Then you can post cute pics on Insta so people know you’re a ~CiTy GaL~

2. Cry in Evans

    One of my all time favorite pastimes. It releases stress. It shows your peers that you’re emotionally vulnerable. 

1.Go to Downtown Bryan

This one is a little less sarcastic. On the first Friday of each month the shop owners in Downtown Bryan stay open longer, and usually have great deals for the community to come join. This part of Bryan is super adorable, affordable, has great spots to take pictures, and allows you to support local businesses. Bryan is our sister city, and it’s important to give back to the community that houses us Aggies 9 months of the year! Be careful though, parking and wait times for restaurants can get pretty difficult so plan ahead! If you’re looking for really good tacos hit up Taco Crave, the man who owns the restaurant has my order memorized and makes some of the best tacos!