21 Shots to Take on Northgate

This was a rather fun topic to research on, from what I remember at least (necessary joke). I recently turned 21-years-old, so I made it my goal to find the 21 best shots to take on Northgate. But, since that is a very unsafe and unrealistic goal to have in one night, I did the research over the span of several Northgate outings with the help of some trusty co-drinkers. So, I present to you a bucket list of shots to take between your 21st and graduation at our very own Northagte District. Enjoy, and attempt at your own risk.                        



1. The Breakfast Shot (rumored to actually be named “Grandslam”) @ Duddley’s Draw

It’s only right to start with breakfast, as wells as the very best shot on Northgate (fact, not opinion). All you need to know is that bacon, yes bacon, is involved.



2. Sake Bombs @ Kyoto Sake Bar

This is the second best shot to take on Northgate. I suggest taking the Sunrise shot because it's cheap(er) and contains caffeine. Warning: half the shot will likely end up running down your face.



3. Wake-me-ups @ Cedar Lane

Feeling sleepy? Just shotgun a Redbull mixed with several different liquors. It might put you on the floor, but at least it won’t be from exhaustion.



4. Pickle Shot @ Tipsy Turtle

These are the best pickle shots you’ll find on Northgate because they're garnished with a solid chunk of pickle. I like food with my shots, in case you can’t tell.



5. Blow Jobs @ Rebels

(Not your mother's shot) No hands allowed. Beware of whipped cream all over your face.



6. Johnny Football (JFF) @ Dry Bean Saloon

This one contains Bacardi 151 and fire. What more would you expect from a shot named after our former football star, Johnny Manziel? (I figured this picture was more amusing and fitting than that of the shot)



7. Vegas Bomb @ Almost anywhere on Northgate

A little taste of Vegas for your 21st spent on Northgate.



8. Dr. Pepper Shootout

A shootout (race with your friends) to see who can finish the drink (that contains no Dr. Pepper but lots of liquor, instead) the fastest. A chugging race, to be exact. What could go wrong?



9. Cereal Shot @ 12 Rooftop Bar & Lounge

A "throwback to your childhood" shot. The cereal shot tastes just like Fruit Loops, and looks like milk. We had an accident on this one, but hey, it was spilt milk, so we didn't cry over it. We drank it anyway.



10. El Jefe @ Dry Bean Saloon

Warning: contains tequila and makes you wish you were at a beach somewhere in Mexico. Also, very cheap on tequila Tuesdays.



11. Unicorn Cum @ Logie’s

This is a Northgate favorite. A magical name for a magical shot. 



12. Four Horsemen @ Gatsby’s

You know that saying, "don't mix your liquors"? Well horsemen symbolizes liquor, so be prepared for the mix of the four. Then the floor, byee.



13. Black Plague @ O’Bannon’s

A shot very deserving of its name. Take that as you will.



14. Flaming Dr. Pepper @ Dry Bean Saloon

It’s not actually Dr. Pepper, but it sure will cure you of sobriety (see what I did there?). But, it actually is flaming, so that's always fun.



15. Alien Brain Hemorrhage @ Mad Hatters

An out of this world shot. Its a very unlikely mixture of liquors that just so happen to work very well in appearance and taste.



16. Ray Charles @ The Corner

You spin in a circle three times with your eyes closed, then throw a piece of ice at the bar blindly aiming at the bottles of liquor. Repeat twice. The bartender pours you a shot containing the three different liquors of the bottles you hit. So, pray that blind you chooses wisely. Blind me clearly makes bad decisions (see picture below).



17. Buffalo Soldier @ The Backyard

No one knows what’s in it, making it all the more enticing. Its almost too pretty to drink, but it tastes so good you'll be glad you did.



18. Marcel Shot @ Logie’s

This shot is named after one of Logie’s favorite employees. It's a must-try shot, and a must-meet guy.



19. Irish Car Bomb @ O’Bannon’s

It’s like chugging chocolate milkchocolate milk that gets you drunk. We call that chocolate-wasted.



20. Blow Pop @ Paddock Lane

It’s a drop shot that tastes like a Blow Pop, so basically, you get a taste of childhood and adulthood all in one. Hashtag college.



21. Blue Whale @ Tipsy Turtle

Northgate’s best kept secret. Don’t ask, just do.



And that's a wrap. Goodluck, and always drink responsibly!