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2015-2016 NBA Heartthrobs that Will Make You a Basketball Fan

With basketball season off to an exciting start, here is a glimpse at the eye candy the NBA has to offer this year! These are just some of the top studs each team has to offer. Enjoy!


1. Boston Celtics- David Lee

   (#42 Power Forward for the Boston Celtics) This hunk recently won a championship with the Golden State Warriors. Nothing is sexier than a champ, ladies.

2. Brooklyn Nets- Shane Larkin

    (#0 Point Guard for the Brooklyn Nets) Those good looks and skills are passed down from his Baseball Hall of Fame father, Barry Larkin.

3. New York Knicks- Lance Thomas

    (#42 Small Forward for the New York Knicks) This radiant smile is sure to be bring joy to any girl’s day.

4. Philadelphia 76ers- Jahil Okafor

   (#8 Center for the Philadelphia 76ers) He was drafted third during the 2015 NBA draft. If his skill does not sweep you off your feet, maybe his super sense of style will.

5. Toronto Raptors- Jonas Valanciunas

    (#17 Center for the Toronto Raptors) These emerald eyes could easily have you speaking in his native tongue, Lithuanian.

6. Dallas Mavericks- Chandler Parsons

   (#25 Small Forward for the Dallas Mavericks) Parsons is the most notorious playboy of the NBA, but it is almost impossible not to fall for this play maker with that cute-boyish grin.

7. Houston Rockets- Trevor Ariza

   (#1 Small Forward for the Houston Rockets) He is possibly one of the most underrated players standing in the shadow of giants like Harden and Howard. Ariza sure knows how to hold it dine for the H and you ;)

8. Memphis Grizzlies- Courtney Lee

   (#5 Shooting Guard for the Memphis Grizzlies) I want in. Break my heart.

9. New Orleans Pelicans- Alonzo Gee

   (#15 Small Forward for the New Orleans Pelicans) If Gee can have four dunks in the season opener against the reigning champs, Golden State, he can surely be a slam dunk in your heart, too.

10. San Antonio Spurs- Tony Parker

     (#9 Point Guard for the San Antonio Spurs) He is most known for his championships and past ties to Eva Longoria. Let this French stud blow your mind on and off the court.

11. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose

      (#1 Point Guard for the Chicago Bulls) Although he is notoriously prone to injury, Rose managed to pull it together and score 18 points during the season opener win against the Cleveland Cavaliers. No one looks hotter in a face mask than Rose (sorry, Andrew Bogut.)

12. Cleveland Cavaliers- Lebron James

      (#23 Small Forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers) the man, the myth, the King. Need we say more?

13. Detroit Pistons- Brandon Jennings

      (#7 Point Guard for the Detroit Pistons) Jennings reminds us of a beautiful mixture of Dwight Howard and ASAP Rocky. Plus no one can pull off that smirk better.

14. Indiana Pacers- Monta Ellis

     (#11 Point Guard for the Indiana Pacers) Ellis reminds us of the boy next door who went off to college and came back a bad boy complete with swoon-worthy tattoos. Just look at those arms of his. Hot Damn!

15. Milwaukee Bucks- John Henson

      (#31 Power Forward for the Milwaukee Bucks) Henson is the perfect definition of a momma’s boy. The cuteness is just too much to handle.

16. Denver Nuggets- Danilo Gallinari

      (#8 Small Forward for the Denver Nuggets) Also known as an Italian Stallion, this man’s Armani ads will have you changing your phone’s wallpaper in a heartbeat. Trust me, I speak from experience.

17. Minnesota Timberwolves- Ricky Rubio

     (#9 Point Guard for the Minnesota Timberwolves) I swear this sultry Spaniard was the inspiration for High School Musical’s Troy Bolton. From his innocent grin, insanely long eyelashes, shaggy brown hair, and sexy accent, there is no reason for Rubio to not be your next MCM.

18. Oklahoma City Thunder- Josh Huestsis

      (#34 Small Forward for the Oklahoma City Thunder) This Rookie is hoping to make some big moves this year both on the court and in your heart.

19. Portland Trail Blazers- Moe Harkless

      (#4 Small Forward for the Portland Trail Blazers) This stud is the perfect man to bring home to Mom and Dad. Just look at that smile. 

20. Utah Jazz- Gordon Hayward

      (#20 Shooting Guard for the Utah Jazz) Seriously, is he just an American Apparel model in disguise? This man’s jaw line could cut through anything, including your heart. #Heartbreaker

21. Atlanta Hawks- Thabo Sefolosha

      (#25 Shooting Guard for the Atlanta Hawks) This Swedish stud is everything you could ask for. He models, speaks three languages, and cares about civil rights. Can you say total package?

22. Charlotte Hornetts- Troy Daniels

      (#30 Shooting Guard for the Charlotte Hornetts) Daniels is never without a smile, and I am perfectly okay with that considering he has one of the best smiles I have ever seen.

23. Miami Heat- Dwayne Wade

      (#3 Shooting Guard for the Miami Heat) This superstar may be number three on the court but will always be number one in our hearts.

24. Orlando Magic- Shabazz Napier

      (#13 Point Guard for the Orlando Magic)  Napier is simply a stunning stud. No other words could describe this UConn grad.

25. Washington Wizards- Kelly Oubre Jr.

      (#12 Small Forward for the Washington Wizards) This guy is quite possibly the sexiest man in the entire NBA who also happens to be just nineteen years old.

26. Golden State Warriors- Stephen Curry

      (#30 Point Guard for the Golden State Warriors) MVP and Captain of the current reigning champs, Golden State Warrior, Curry is the definition of success. His most recent accomplishment on the court was when he scored forty points during the season opener win against the New Orleans Pelicans. Win or lose, it is impossible to look past those gorgeous green eyes. Swoon.

27. Los Angeles Clippers- Chris Paul

      (#3 Point Guard for the Los Angeles Clippers) Paul manages to be adorably cute and unbelievably sexy all in one just like in his State Farm commercials. Best of both worlds, am I right?

28. Los Angeles Lakers- Kobe Bryant

      (#24 Shooting Guard for the Los Angeles Lakers) Bryant may be an old workhorse but he is one of the best that there ever was. His accomplishments and good looks will always be iconic.

29. Phoenix Suns- Tyson Chandler

      (#4 Center for the Phoenix Suns) Although he’s a notorious bad boy with a short temper, it is easy to forgive him when you look at that beautiful, brooding face.

30. Sacramento Kinds- Marco Bellinelli

      (#3 Small Forward for the Sacramento Kings) This Italian heartthrob is looking to make a name for himself alongside Rajon Rondo this year after previously winning a championship with San Antonio. Belinelli? More like Beli-yummy.

Howdy! My name is Angie Guerra and I am a senior Industrial Distribution major from Cypress, Texas. Some of my favorite things include the Houston Rockets, college radio, indie movies, Americana, and tennis.
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