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Meet Tristan Nigos, The Face Behind the Resale Shop Texas A&M Students Can’t Get Enough Of

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at TAMU chapter.

Tristan Nigos is a junior Computer Science major, but some of us may know him as Bygone Vintage on Instagram.

A year ago, Tristan started a resale business for the Texas A&M community. A hobby that initially began with a friend in high school has grown to be something he could have only imagined.

Like all good stories, Tristan started his small business with a friend in 2019 and gained popularity in his home school district. Although the COVID-19 pandemic caused the company to slow, like many others during the surge, that did not stop Tristan and his appreciation for vintage pieces. In 2021, he realized his business could grow even more when he moved to Aggieland. He could reach the TAMU student population and Bryan/College Station communities.

Even with a heavy course load, Tristan believes this hobby is worth putting effort into. When asked about the balance, Tristan said, “I see it as a creative outlet… being able to take photos, create flyers, and cultivate my brand lets me feel like I’ve balanced school and my business.” Over the last year, Tristan has been able to grow a team to help him develop his resale business. With a team of 3 others and some help from friends from time to time, Bygone Vintage has been able to introduce brand merchandise for sale at events.

“I’m eternally grateful for the opportunities I’ve had,” said Tristan when he asked about seeing his business grow. This is something that he always expresses on his Instagram page after each and every event. We discussed the risk of starting something new and how great it feels when received well. He mentioned that there was a lot of luck involved with the success but nevertheless grateful for the experience.

Bygone Vintage celebrates its first anniversary this month. Tristan said there is more to come this year for the business. If you have been following his page, you have seen hints about something exciting happening later this year.

Tristan might not be sharing all his secrets, but he did tell us a couple of his go-to resale shops in Bryan, TX. The first is SHIP Shop Resale, located at 2905 Cavitt Ave, Bryan, TX 7780. As well as Natalia’s Resale Shop at 403 N Bryan Ave, Bryan, TX 77803. Tristan has found great stuff at both and suggests you take your time looking for something. His suggestion for anyone trying to find vintage items is to look at the hole-in-the-wall stores instead of the chain thrift store around town. But don’t forget to check Bygone Vintage’s Instagram for any events this semester.

His first-semester event took place this past Saturday. The Backyard Bash was cohosted with POV and the Local. With 11 different small businesses coming out to kick off the spring semester. You will find vendors selling clothing, home decor, and plants all in one space, as well as some live Jazz music.

Starting a business while still in school can be difficult but not impossible. Tristan’s advice is to not be afraid to take risks and to believe in yourself and your ideas. Like many things, taking on something new will always be a risk. However, Tristan and many others have proven that with a great team a support system, new opportunities will find their way to you and your business. In fact, many former TAMU students began their small businesses during their time here and have been successful.

Check out @Bygonevtg on Instagram for all event information and the pieces in his collection.

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