11 Super Cute Celebrity Babies In Costume

It’s that time of year again people! The season of pumpkin spice lattes, vampy lipstick, and Halloween is upon us! It’s that magical time when everyone is swarming the party stores to find the perfect costume. Wearing a costume is one of the best parts of Halloween, besides the scary movie marathons on TV, decorations everywhere, and the candy. Finding the perfect costume can be difficult sometimes so we often look on Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration, which leads us to celebs and their nuggets! These celebrity parents bring their A-game when it comes to dressing their children up for Halloween—just take a look at Neil Patrick Harris’ family’s costume! Check out these adorable little critters in their costumes in order from cute to they’re just so darn cute we could cry!

1.First up we have Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s beautiful twins Moroccan and Monroe dressed as superman and supergirl! They even topped off their costumes with a heroic flying pose.

2. In this photo we could see fashion designer Rachel Zoe’s son, Skylar, dressed as a cowboy with the most beautiful blue eyes ever! Plus, look at that pose! He’s probably already practicing his fierce facial expressions for a future in the fashion world. Who knows?!

3. May the force be with this little Yoda! Alyssa Milano and her son, Milo, both dressed up as characters from Star Wars—Yoda and Princess Leia.

4. Last year the Ninja Turtles added a new member, named Royalty Brown. Chris Brown’s daughter wore this costume last year, which added a wonderful new twist to one of the most popular children’s costumes.

5. Shakira’s son Milan is absolutely slaying this cop costume. Look at that little motorcycle jacket! Look at his hat! Its' practically taking over his head!

6. Here we have Beyoncé and her daughter Blue Ivy Carter, dressed as Janet and Michael Jackson. Blue Ivy even completed her costume with her own pink microphone to carry around. This is the best king of pop costume ever!

7. Now Sandra Bullock’s son, Louis, takes his costume to infinity and beyond—too cheesy? This mini Buzz Lightyear was snapped holding hands with his mom, otherwise known as Jesse from Toy Story, (if you didn’t already know).

8. Move over Incredibles Family! There’s a new superhero unit in town, and it’s Kourtney Kardashian with her kids Penelope, Reign, and Mason. We don’t know which is cuter, Penelope and Mason’s masks, or Mason’s superhero pose.

9. Once again we have another baby Kardashian photo of cousins, North West and Penelope Disick dressed up as cute little skunks. Their costume certainly don’t stink! Ha!

10. Now this is the most adorable baby chicken costume we have ever seen, even though I haven’t seen many.  Come on, if Jimmy Fallon’s daughter, Winnie, didn’t win you over with her chicken costume, we don’t know who or what will.

11. Now it’s time to see the royal family of Halloween, Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka’s family! These two just love Halloween and know how to basically show up everyone else with their children Grace and Gideon. Like seriously, look at these photos, they don’t even give anyone else a chance.