10 Things That Have Kept Me Sane During the Pandemic

Starting in a new school is tough. Starting grad school is tough. Now, doing both of those things is even tougher when there is a pandemic, all classes are online, and you can’t socialize nor make new friends. It can get pretty lonely and cause you to be anxious. In case you had not realized, that happened to me. Things get really stressful, but at least I had constants and things to do that drove me through it.

Whenever I get stressed, I always look for things in my life that bring me joy to help keep me sane. Here are just 10 things that have helped me get through the pandemic.

  1. 1. My dog Banshee

    Sometimes it can get really lonely during the pandemic, but having my dog has helped stave off the loneliness. It’s good to have a creature to talk to, take care of, and hang out with. It also helps that she’s cute.

  2. 2. Cooking

    Woman slicing tomatoes

    Cooking dinner makes passing the time easier. And you can make yummy food while destressing. I’ve always loved doing it, and quarantine has inspired me to become creative with my food.

  3. 3. Watching YouTube

    YouTube logo on a phone

    I’m not really a Netflix type of gal. I prefer watching YouTube videos because there’s an infinite amount of them to keep me entertained. Currently, I’m watching a lot from the Offline TV crew, especially their Among Us content.

  4. 4. Going on Walks

    Banshee is a couch potato most of the time. However, when we go outside, she loves it because she gets to sniff everything. Also, the fresh air is nice, and I enjoy the natural atmosphere.

  5. 5. Arts and Crafts

    watercolor set with paintbrushes and notebook on wooden table

    I love sewing, using my 3D printer, painting, and just doing other artsy things. It can be stressful,  but it takes up time and makes me not worry about the pandemic for a brief moment.

  6. 6. Taking pictures

    woman filming vertical video of woman throwing confetti

    I’m a photographer. It’s something that I love doing. I find it really rewarding to take the time to plan the shot and see the end result.

  7. 7. Playing Two Dots and Among Us

    Two Dots is a simple phone game where you connect dots to clear levels. That’s it. Among Us is like mafia but on a spaceship. They’re both nice distractions and time fillers.

  8. 8. Keeping a regular shower and sleep schedule

    Woman in bed

    Whenever I’m not doing well mentally, my shower and sleep schedule goes out the door. To feel better, I just shower, go to sleep and wake up at a defined time. It just makes me feel like everything will be alright.

  9. 9. Being a grad student

    person putting liquid into test tubes

    Having to do research brings excitement to my life. I’m on the path of discovery, and conducting research makes me look forward to the coming days. Also, attending class is great because I love school. Thankfully, social distancing practices were implemented into research. So, I had less to worry about when going into the lab.

  10. 10. Writing for Her Campus TAMU

    Anna Schultz-Hands On Laptop

    I’ve written about this before, but I’m glad to be part of another Her Campus chapter. I’ve been able to make friends and get back into my old routine of writing articles. It’s been great. It gives me feel a sense of normalcy, and I love it.

These are all the things that have kept my mind clear and helped me pass the time during the pandemic. It’s important to take notice of things like these in our life. We need to cherish them, especially during these difficult times.