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10 Things That Happen While Getting Over Your Classroom Crush

Accept Defeat. You’re probably at the point where you’ve accepted defeat. You’ve given up all hope of EVER getting with the guy that you’ve secretly been in love with all semester.


Denial. You tell yourself that there is no way he will be out of your life forever because you have to pass him on campus at some point, right? Lest you forget that you go to a school that has more people than most towns, so the odds of that happening are slim.


Social Media Stalk. You Facebook stalk him so you can add him as a friend knowing it won’t change the situation, but you do it anyway. Then you realize he has a girlfriend that he neglected to bring up the entire semester.


Accept Defeat… Again. Once you’ve come to the realization that you have absolutely no chance with the super-hot “frat daddy” in your class, you can take a moment to reflect on the great times you had together in class—where you kept wishing he’d ask you to formal.


Move On. Whether it’s Winter or Summer Break, the semester is over. You’ll be on your way home any day now, if you haven’t gone already. You’re probably channeling all of your sadness into doing something productive, like getting back together with your high school ex—HAHAHAHA JK DO NOT DO THAT. There’s a reason you broke up. Re-living that is not the way to spend a break from college.


DRINK. Once on that break, you realize it’s finally time to drink away your sorrows. You drink with your friends back home and try make all of the best—well, most fun—decisions now that you’re care-free! (PS please drink responsibly and never drink and drive)


Slide In. … to those DMs that is. I feel like this one is pretty self-explanatory. ;)


Get Ready for the Next Semester of Cute Boys. Break is coming to an end. You may or may not have hooked up with your old flame, to help you move on, but now it’s time to get ready to go back to school. While in preparation, you tell yourself that you won’t fall madly in love with the next ultra fine corps boy that sits next to you in your new classes. But lets be honest, we know you will.


Start Falling for the Unobtainable Hot Dude. “BUT HE’S JUST SO CUTE!!!” she says every time her friends tell her not to go down this road yet again. Will she listen? Probably not. But it’s okay because life’s about choices and he chose to sit next to you, so it’s basically not even your fault for falling for him. Right?


Repeat. Well, you managed to do it again. You fell for the unobtainable and now your heart will be broken once more. But don’t fear, food will always be there for you even when the boy is not. Maybe next time we should fall in love with a senior, who will end up having to leave us. Yes, sounds like a fantastic idea to me! But then again, what do I know? 



*Disclosure: The guy in the picture is my best friend, NOT my crush, because I wasn’t ballsy enough to snap a picture of the real dude. Peep this picture below of my BFF trying not to laugh because he acts like I’m not funny*

Nicole Ploetz is a Junior Communication and Political Science double major at Texas A&M University and is a writer for TAMU HerCampus! She has a passion for writing, reading, dancing, painting, traveling the world, and playing golf. She loves all things outdoors, is a shopaholic, and loves her sorority. She also loves giving back to the community and hopes to one day pursue her dreams as an Entertainment Lawyer, aka be the next Elle Woods. Nicole aspires to live in Los Angeles-California, New York-New York, or Nashville-Tennessee with her best friends and rule the city. She is obsessed with sushi and her future husband is Dylan O'Brien (he just doesn't know it yet). 
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