10 Signs You're the "Mom" Friend

Everyone has a mom friend, but no one likes to admit that they’re the one in their friend group. There’s nothing wrong with being there for your friends in a more mature way, but maybe, it can get out of hand sometimes. Here are some signs that may make you realize that you’re “Debra," the mother to your friends. 

You make sure to give a talk to your friends when they stay out later than 3 A.M.  As my own mother says, “Nothing good happens after midnight!”

After a night out, your friends need to let you know when they get home safe. “Okay, everyone share their location with me now.”


You become an overprotective Mama Bear when they go out on a date, but immediately ask how it went afterwards.


You prefer to stay in watching HGTV and Food Network rather than going out. “Joanna is so right, that shiplap goes amazing with the exterior of the home.”


You are the DD every weekend. “Is everyone in the car? Does everyone have everything?”


You run to clean the house if guests are coming over. "Do I do the dishes, vacuum, or sweep first?"


Your friends get used to calling you “Mom," and you don’t really seem to mind anymore.


You're their own personal bartender cause you know their limits. “No, Brittany, you already had four shots."


Target is where your friends know they’ll be able to find you. “Now that I’m here, I should pick up this fleece throw for the sofa.”


Lastly, you love your friends and want to protect and be there for them, and they’re grateful for it. Sometimes, it's fine because they just remember you aren’t a regular mom.