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10 Iconic Christmas Films to Watch over Winter Break

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Whether you’re spending the holiday with friends or with family, there is never a better time to watch some ionic Christmas movies.  So grab some popcorn or some Christmas cookies, cuddle up in a blanket and pajamas, and watch these movies.  

  1. The Polar Express

Starting off strong, we have The Polar Express.  This movie was my childhood Christmas movie.  Nothing is more immaculate than the vibes from the Hot Chocolate scene.  And remember to Believe.  You can watch it now on HBO Max and Amazon Prime Video with the premium subscription.

  1. Die Hard

I know.  I know.  Is Die Hard actually a Christmas Movie?  Normally, I would say no.  But, my mom watches this movie every year when Christmas rolls around.  So that means the whole family gets absorbed into the movie while it’s playing in the living room.  So, for my family, it is a Christmas movie as well as a Christmas tradition.  This movie is streaming on Starz, Amazon Prime Video with the premium subscription, and Youtube with a primetime subscription.

  1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

I watch this movie religiously twice a year: once during October for Halloween vibes and once during December for Christmas vibes.  This is a great movie to watch with a group or alone.  The movie is streaming on Disney+.

  1. The Grinch

The Grinch is always a classic Christmas movie.  This movie can be played in the background while baking some cookies for Santa or while smothered in blankets in bed.  There is the modern, animated 2018 remake streaming on Hulu with the premium subscription.  Or there is the older, liveaction How the Grinch Stole Christmas which is streaming on HBO Max, Amazon Prime Video with the premium subscription, and Hulu with the premium subscription.

  1. Home Alone

Every year, without fail, this movie was played at least once in school during a slow day.  The high jinks of the little boy left strained during Christmas time always pulled laughs out of my peers and I.  This movie is streaming on Disney+.

  1. Klaus

Ever since this Christmas movie came out, it became my favorite Christmas movie.  The heartwarming ending always leaves tears in my eyes.  I cannot stress this enough, go watch this movie.  It’s streaming on Netflix.

  1. Let It Snow

Based on a book from John Green, this movie focuses on various people and their intertwining stories.  Light and fun, this is just the movie to watch for a chill winter afternoon.  It’s streaming on Netflix.

  1. Love Hard

I am a sucker for Vampire Diaries so when Nina Dobrev starred in a new movie, I had to check it out.  This movie came out last year and had a splash of Christmas cheer.  As romcoms go, this was a decent love story that didn’t feel like hallmark vomit.  You can watch the movie on Netflix.

  1. Spirited

This movie looks to be a modern day telling of the classic story A Christmas Carol.  I cannot personally vouch for this movie since I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like the perfect mix between comedy and Christmas fun.  This new movie can be viewed on Apple TV’s viewing platform, Apple TV+.

  1. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Every holiday has an accompanying Charlie Brown story.  This short movie, only 30 minutes, is a great way to ring in the new holiday.  Watch on Apple TV+.

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