10 Helpful Things to Know Before Studying Abroad in Italy!

  1. 1. Stay Hydrated!

    Stay hydrated as often as you can, and this is coming from someone who drinks nearly 3 cups of coffee per day. Not only is water the best way to combat jetlag, but you will likely walk almost everywhere if it can be done in under 25 minutes.

  2. 2. No Card, Cash Only

    Have euros on you! It’s not common for shops and restaurants to accept credit card payments.

  3. 3. Group Dinners

    Restaurants do not split checks among dinner parties! Figure out how your group is going to pay before going out or face the awkward silence of who’s going to take the whole bill in exchange for delayed Venmo payments.


    Anywhere. Estimate €3 per order of water for the table.

  5. 5. Public Restrooms Are Also Not Free

    Public restrooms are rarely free. Bring a euro to gain access!

  6. 6. No Heating 

    If you’re traveling in the winter, do not expect heat at night in your apartment. Most apartment complexes turn off the heat around 6pm and back on at 10am to save energy. So be sure to bring a comfy sweater to sleep in!

  7. 7. No Dryers 

    Italian apartments will generally only provide washer, but not dryers. Instead, there will be an area to pin your clothes up for air-drying.

  8. 8. Are The Espresso and Gelato Really THAT Good?

    YES. And rightfully so hyped up. They are indeed as delicious as what you’re hoping for, and you really will buy gelato when its freezing outside because it tastes THAT good.

  9. 9. Where Not To Buy Souveniers 

    Try your best to avoid purchasing souvenirs around popular tourist attractions. There are tons of amazing shops and street stands to buy genuine goods from seasoned Italian vendors who ensure the price and quality are much fairer than those selling in heavily populated spots. Try the streets around the duomos and smaller plazas!

  10. 10. Trains and Metros

    Don’t fear the trains and metros! They are super user friendly and aren’t daunting at all after the first time! Italian trains are comfortable and easy to navigate. Plus, they’ll save you so much time and money if you’re wanting to explore nearby cities.