10 Guilty Pleasures You Don’t Want to Quit

The finer things in life seem to be enjoyed more in private. Well, by finer things I mean your guiltiest of pleasures which you probably do in private because you just don’t want to be judged. Things enjoyed in secret are a lot sweeter anyway. Not to mention, you get to be as obnoxious as you want doing them.

1. Singing along to various animated Disney film soundtracks. Something to play music out of? Check. Got the ‘Coco’ Disney Soundtrack downloaded? Check. Know all the songs by heart? Definite check. It seems to me that every film that Disney releases that incorporates their own original music turn out to be masterpieces that can be sung along to for generations. You might not scream the lyrics to these songs in public but when you’re at home, you’re basically the character from your all-time favorite Disney film, theatrics and all. You may not have Ariel’s voice from ‘The Little Mermaid’ but you can sure act like you do!

2. Watching hours of reality television. Shows like ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’, ‘Rupaul’s Drag Race’, ‘Bad Girls Club’, and ‘Jersey Shore’ are all attributed to the dumbing down of younger generations but you love them all the same. With all the crazy drama on these shows, there is no way you can look away. Besides, it makes for great entertainment. While you may enjoy these shows, you probably won’t bring up how much you follow them in person. Well, not unless someone else mentions them.3. Reading teen fiction novels and watching their movie/TV adaptions. It doesn’t get better than vampires and werewolves. Well it does, but your heart holds a special place for teen fantasy novels like ‘Twilight’ and ‘The Vampire Diaries’ that get turned into movies or dramas. You know their romance and overall plots are super cheesy but that doesn’t stop you from being fond of them. I mean, love triangles, battles between fantasy creatures, and being stuck in high school are all totally interesting. Well after reading that out loud, not so much. Oh well. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

4. Hyping yourself up in front of a mirror. After getting all dressed up, actually doing your hair, and putting some time and effort into your makeup there is no way you can’t check yourself out in your mirror. While you can simply look up and down at yourself thinking you look good, you could also go the route where you blast some music and basically serenade yourself and dance in the mirror to show off that you not only look great but that you can apparently move good too.

5. Keeping up with celebrity gossip and news. Social media allows everyday people, like you and me, to follow the influential celebrities we admire or not so admire. With this, comes a great fascination concerning the personal lives of celebrities. You know that you shouldn’t concern yourself with people that have nothing to do with your life but you still have this want to know all about their ongoing feuds and scandals.

6. Online window shopping. Online shopping isn’t usually kept on the lowdown because it’s generally fun but when you’re saving up, it’s a whole different story. Budgeting however, doesn’t prevent you from visiting sites and online shops. You actively go on these online stores but only to favorite things you like and add them in a wish list for future reference. 7. Rewatching vine compilations. Vine compilations have a weird way of brightening up your day. These couple-of-second videos can be watched over and over again to where referencing them has become second nature. However, some people may not get your references much to your dissatisfaction. Then again, you’re not one to brag about how much you get a laugh out of the same old vine compilations that includes vines you’ve seen hundreds of times.

8. Unusual hygiene practices. For some odd reason, there is a great satisfaction in popping those pimples that come out of nowhere. One look in the mirror after getting one of these bad boys and you’re like, “Yeah, I have to pop it”. There’s also that feeling of fulfillment you get when you rip off nose pore strips and get to see all that gunk they took off.

9. Sneakily watching a show ahead of your partner. There are times when you are so into a show and ready to binge it all that night but your partner has something else to do and tells you to wait for them to watch the next episode. Yeah right, you need to see the next episode and nothing is going to get in your way. So you watch an episode (or a few) and when you’re all fulfilled, you finally pause it. Then when your partner is finally ready to keep going you start it from where they left off and act like you didn’t watch ahead. Crafty, they don’t suspect a thing.

10. Wearing your pajamas or sweats all day. No plans? Great, the perfect excuse to wear your comfy clothes all day. Even if you have plans, you are more than likely getting ready to cancel them just so you can lounge around at home in your super snug sweatpants. If your peers (or you parents) saw you chilling in your sweats all day long they would just write you off as some lazy bum. Well, actually that’s not too far from the truth.

Now you may not be shouting from the rooftops about how much time you’ve invested reading up on celebrity drama but if you enjoy it then so be it! We only have one life so you should indulge in all of your guilty pleasures (as long as they don’t harm anyone) as much as you want! So let loose and spoil yourself, you deserve it!