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You’ve Got Male: Why Did the Honeymoon Stage End?

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Question: Why does the honeymoon stage in a relationship end? What do you do to get out of the slump and get your boyfriend back to being as exciting as he was in the beginning of the relationship? 

Well I think the reason why the honeymoon stage ends in a relationship is because you’re finding out who your partner truly is. This is technically not a bad thing, but is actually a really important step for any relationship.  A lot of couples break up a few months into the relationship because when they find out the true character of their partner, they can’t come to compromise on certain issues.  
The honeymoon stage exists because you are doing new things with a new person, and it is an exciting time. Once this is over (and hormones have possibly calmed down), the relationship must sustain itself. Then you must ask yourself if you can live with this person for years to come.
As for getting out of the slump, that’s a personal question only the couple can ask because each person has their own needs and desires. So the basic thing you can do is ask your partner. Something good to try is going on unusual, adventurous, or exciting dates such as paint balling, biking, ice skating, going to sporting events, and attending concerts. This will amp up the adrenaline, and hopefully the excitement in your relationship.
-You’ve Got Male Anonymous Writer 
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