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This week we asked Ryan Widd your sumbitted questions!


How long do I wait after casually sleeping with a guy to start getting emotional with them?

So I think if you’re causally sleeping with a guy, getting in a serious relationship can get kinda complicated. To me it feels like if you have gotten to that point there is a serious disconnect between what the two involved really want. However if you are deadest on professing your feelings for a guy I think 2 1/2 to 3 weeks makes sense. Its enough time to see if he is gonna stray, but also enough time for you to see if you’re comfortable. 


Do you get intimidated when a girl’s body count is higher than yours?

 I mean a little bit, not gonna lie. Its not something a girl should be ashamed of or feel like they need to hide. Thats something that they should own, and it’s more of an issue with my own manhood haha. But if I really connect with someone their body count doesn’t matter.  There is more there than just the sex, there is an emotional connection and the body count thing goes out the window. I also don’t know anyone who leads with their body count lol!


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