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I know a Gucci cross body is much more fashionable than a plain wristlet from Target, but it is definitely safer for your personal belongings. Although they may also hold much less than a regular purse can, they can help you only bring out a reasonable amount of money or keep you from bringing unnecessary items that have potential to get lost or weigh you down. Wristlets that zip and can be held tightly by your side can actually save you from being robbed while you’re out having a good time!

Recently, my phone was stolen right out of my zipped-up purse while I was out one Thursday night. The scary part was that I was not the only one that night, Tampa has a serious problem with theft and these professionals especially target young girls with purses. Drunk or not, it could happen to you right under your nose!

Switching to a more safe and secure wristlet could be beneficial for us all in the long run, as well as getting in the habit of not keeping our phone in our back/front pocket which is an even easier target for pocket pickers. This alternative is safe and can help us be more proactive when going out. Keeping our credit cards at home can also help reduce theft/misplacing, or overspending. Considering switching to a wristlet may not be fashionably favorable, however, it may be the safest way to go out in Tampa!