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The Lalaputting On Lip Balm
The Lalaputting On Lip Balm
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Why I Love Winged Eyeliner

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Putting on make-up can alter a person and make them feel better. Using make-up can help someone achieve confidence, better moods, and self-love. Styling your face brings out the person you want to portray—it’s a form of self-expression. People have specific make-up go-to’s like lined lips, blush, smokey eyes, etc. Personally, mine is the winged eyeliner. It can be styled in an abundance of different ways and goes with any occasion.   


  1. Clean your face.
  2. Put on eye primer. 
  3. Choose your medium of eyeliner. 
  4. Start by drawing a line from the outside corner of your eye and connecting it to the end of your eyebrow. 
  5. Erase the top of the line to the length you prefer for your wing.
  6. Start at either end and trace above your eyelashes to connect to the other line. 
  7. Fill in the space between the lines and your lashes.
  8. Clean up the lines to perfect your wing. 

There are multiple designs and mediums that you can use to make your wing unique. Leave it simple with a black or brown wing or jazz it up and drop jaws with bold colors, gems, or glitter. 

Colored Eyeliner: 

A night out always calls for matching colored eyeliner to go with your outfit. So if you wear a red shirt, throw on some red eyeliner, or wear a bright pink outfit and match it up. Complementing the eyeliner with your outfit creates a well-put-together look.

Colored eyeliner can be helpful for any occasion—take some risks!

Shaped Eyeliner: 

A basic wing isn’t the only shape that can be created for a cute look. Have you seen Euphoria? 

Here are some styles to give a go:

  • Cat-eye
  • Egyptian
  • Fox-eye
  • Fishtail
  • Double flick
  • Bold

Multiple styles can be experimented with, perfect for any occasion you’d like. 

Material Eyeliner: 

Being bold can be a step out of someone’s comfort zone. If you’re looking for somewhere to start, try some intriguing material makeup.

You can always style up some glitter and gems on the eye to draw attention. Depending on the color, glitter can give an elegant or fun look. Golds and silvers can present a classy style to match an outfit. Adding vibrant glitters can be for any fun occasion like concerts or dinners. To spice it up, you can add gems; they pop out at others and turn heads. Wear the jewels to an event or a night out on the town. 

Honestly, you can wear any style of eyeliner to any event. Choose a natural look to enhance your beauty, or take a step out of your comfort zone and jazz it up. Either way, here are a few tips if you want to expand your makeup looks and get creative!

I am double majoring in communications and advertising & public relations. I have been a creative person all my life, so why not put my interesting thoughts somewhere!
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