What My Galentines Did for Valentine’s

I am so grateful for my group of friends that I met in just one month here at UT. We already have some pretty awesome memories and inside jokes and I wouldn’t want to experience college with anyone else.

Of course, starting spring semester in January, a big holiday that we knew was coming around the corner was Valentine’s Day. And of course, we all joked around about not having dates or boyfriends and so we decided to plan a fun “Galentines” dinner that night as we all were winding down from our busy college schedules. This was probably one of the best Valentine’s Days I’ve had in a while.


They all came over to me and my roomie’s apartment and decided to cook dinner. We made chicken Alfredo with pasta and garlic bread along with some adorable pepperoni roses for our “appetizers”. We planned to treat ourselves and we definitely did!! Cooking together was another adventure in itself because we had never cooked in our apartment before... a real new “adulting” experience. We laughed with each other and blasted our favorite Disney throwback songs from the Jonas Brothers and the Cheetah Girls. Later we made desserts in mugs and microwaved popcorn.


One of them actually brought over her TV from across campus as we sat around and watched a movie on Netflix.

Quick spoiler alert and movie review:

Love Rosie is kind of a bust for cute love story movies. It’s probably a 6/10 but the plot is way too predictable and all over the place. There’s a lot of humor but definitely a movie I would watch again.


No doubt we stayed up super late, ignoring the fact that we have class the next morning, but who cares, we had the BEST time!! It was definitely a memorable Valentine’s Day spent with my favorite gals here who I’m building beautiful friendships with!