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Growing up you think about all the freedom you think you have as an 18-year-old. Your parents can’t tell you what to do, you don’t need their permission, and you’re finally considered an adult, so it makes you want to do all the things you wanted to do that your parents said no to. At least that’s what I thought I was going to do. 

Since the age of 15, I’ve wanted a nose piercing and been jealous of all the people whose parents let them get one in school but my parents said no, so that was on my 18 list. A tiny rose tattoo, which was very popular in that era was also something I wanted, but again my parents said no. when I wanted to stay out late, go someplace, or do something that my parents said no to, it would always make me think “I can’t wait till I turn 18.”  

Then, I finally turned 18, and here’s what I really did. 

  • Bought myself a shot 

You might be thinking how??? Well thankfully for my birthday we decided to take a family trip to Puerto Rico where the drinking age is 18. So yes, after dinner I legally bought myself a shot to celebrate since it wouldn’t happen again for another 3 years.

  • Stayed out late 

I was very happy about this one, my friends were always staying out late, just hanging out, but I was never allowed to because of my curfew, so when I turned 18 my parents told me I was allowed to stay out as late as I wanted. 

  • Got my septum pierced

Now imagine my parents when I came home with this one. Since I lived with my dad, I planned on keeping it from my mom a little longer, but I ended up telling her the next day. It went as I expected, she called me a pig and told me she hated it. I didn’t care because the confidence boost I felt after I got it outweighed her negative opinions. 

  • Got a tattoo

Now my parents weren’t surprised with this one. The day before I was moving into college me and my best friend decided to get bff tattoos. I got mountains and she got a sun. When I came home my mom had nothing to say, she wasn’t surprised or mad because I’ve always talked about getting a tattoo. 

  • Go to the doctors by myself 

After moving to college, I got sick, and since I’m far away from home I had to make my own doctor’s appointment and go to it by myself. Thankfully I just had a cold and they sent me off with a prescription, but it was scary going without my mommy. 

  • Got a second tattoo and piercing

A month into college I got my second tattoo along with my second nose piercing. I kept it from my parents for a week. Both my parents were kind of mad at this one but what could they do. 

I still haven’t bought a lottery ticket yet and that’s usually one of the things fresh 18-year-olds do. I also still haven’t processed that I am now an adult, in college, without parents, and can basically do anything. I’m still very young and hope as I get older I learn more about life! 

fun, astrology and music-loving person, studying business who likes to write sometimes.
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