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What Comes To Mind Is A Burger


A Scam

What is the point of going?

 A degree?

What is that?


2:50 in the morning.

Sight is blurry

Stomach growling

I’m losing hope

Stupid jokes are my only source of energy


My fault

It is all my fault

“Homework before napping.” 

My new mantra,

Until it isn't anymore


As I contemplate my decisions, what comes to mind is a burger.


A burger.

My savior,

Oh how I love you so

With your toasted buns and tender meat. 

But all hope is lost,

I am broke.




A job I don’t have.

A job I can only achieve through a degree and experience,

 Neither, I have.


I apply

I apply

“We’ll get back to you soon.” 

They don’t.


Never have I heard such a lie that could also mean goodbye.


The paper

The magic paper

That grants those the ability to live their life.

Until that flimsy stupid piece of paper is within my grasp, 

I am stuck in this wretched place.


College is a scam, 

But then again

 here I am.

Karla is a 2021 cum laude graduate with a BFA in Musical Theatre. Karla is originally from Maryland and is very proud of Karla's Afro-Latinx heritage. Karla is currently in pursuit of a career in TV/film acting, and Karla's dream role would be to portray a superhero. In Karla's free time Karla enjoys reading, watching Netflix (no chill necessary), and taking long walks on the metaphorical beach to universal equity.
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