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One of the most attractive things a person can do is stand up straight in the midst of adversity and attack the issue they’re facing head-on. In this case, it’s the coronavirus, and attacking it head-on is following the CDC’s guidelines.


I recently matched with a guy on Hinge, let’s call him Florida Man, and after a bit of small talk our conversation went as such:

Florida Man: Lol it’s cool I been living the life of a rockstar lately *laughing emoji* So the reasoning’s the same

Me: Ooo a rockstar *cheeky emoji* How so?

Florida Man: Lol just party after party after party

Florida Man: Never ending

Me: lmao, so no social distancing?

Florida Man: Social what? *laughing emoji*

Florida Man: Anywhoo what you got goin on today

Me: nm and dude that highkey suckss

Florida Man: How does it suck?

Me: it depends on what u mean by parties but people are dying cause of covid. So, if you don’t care that kinda sucks :/

Florida Man: Mannnn I’m not worried about all that. People still out here going out with no face masks on so I’m not the only one that feels so

Me: lol whether or not you’re worried you can still be a carrier and get other people sick..

Me: and just cause people are caring less doesn’t mean it doesn’t still exist

Me: idk a nicer way to say this but you can go ahead and unmatch w me, this isn’t gonna go anywhere


Now, I realize in a lot of ways this can come across as a “ma’am this is a Wendy’s,” type of situation. I know Florida Man was just looking for good conversation but I couldn’t ignore the glaring implications of the way he chose to live during the current pandemic. It was more than an extreme turn-off to hear he had no regard for how his actions affected other humans.

So, I’m here to prove to you that wearing a mask and following guidelines is a foolproof, reliable way of appearing sexier to whichever person you’re trying to attract.

According to Eric Barker’s “Science of Sexy,” there are “five things that can make you irresistible.”


  • Humor: There is a level of intelligence that comes with a legitimate good sense of humor. And smart people know that feeling healthy isn’t good enough with COVID. Many people don’t even know they have the virus but can spread it to at-risk humans who would suffer much larger consequences if faced with the virus. So limit your contact with different groups of people and practice your jokes in the safety of your home.


  • Likeability: People like to know that they’re liked. So inform the person you’re trying to court that you fancy them by sending them a sweet letter. The distance can provide a bit of romance and anticipation making for super sexy apprehension. When you finally meet, sparks will fly.


  • What you talk about:

There’s nothing worse than a bad conversationalist. Exhibit A: my conversation with Florida Man. He initiated the fact that he didn’t care about even wearing a mask when in public. Talk about red flags. Instead, tell your potential significant other about the creative ways you’ve been occupying your time in the midst of the outbreak. There’s nothing sexier than a creative mind!


  • Personality:

A quick google search says that being conscientious means “wishing to do what is right, especially to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly.” This one couldn’t be any clearer.

Personality is an all-encompassing outlook on your person. Someone with a good personality would handle the coronavirus with thoughtfulness and a level-head.


  • How they make you feel:

Wearing a mask shows that you care about the well being of others, and safety is a key ingredient in having people who want to be around you.


Conclusion? Wear a mask! But it doesn’t work on its own. Standing roughly six feet apart from people in crowd-attracting spaces + wearing a mask is where the magic really happens. The tension in the room can be extremely high with all of these people who you just aren’t allowed to touch. Hot right?


The US has been battling the coronavirus for roughly six months now. It seems unreal that the virus has been rampant for this long, and will be spreading for even longer, but we cannot forget it’s here. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has one sole purpose: “to protect America from health, safety, and security threats, both foreign and in the U.S.” So, trust what they have to say. Sometimes when we’ve been battling something for a while it can be easy to forget what we’re fighting for anymore. If we forget, we ignore, and ignoring is giving up. Giving up on yourself now is giving up on the world because this virus doesn’t only affect you. 


Be the sexy, strong individual you are and keep wearing a mask, keep practicing good hygiene, and for goodness sake, please limit how often you go out and interact with others.



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Imaeyen Effiong, known by most as Mya, is a graphic design major with a passion for film, animation, and positive human interaction.
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