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UT Baseball Team Captures Wins in Cuba

The University of Tampa’s baseball team is highly recognized for their performance as state champions last year. They continued their reputation on a recent trip to Cuba.

 While most of us were stuck inside over the break because of cold weather, the UT baseball team got a chance to take a trip to Cuba from January 12th through January 19th. After only a fifty-minute flight, 35 players were welcomed by warm weather and friendly natives. They played different teams, including semi-pro teams as well as a Cuban professional baseball team. Throughout all three games, UT won with scores of 2-1, 13-5 and 8-6!


 However, the trip wasn’t only centered on baseball, but allowed the players to experience a different culture. They were able to see how others lived, by taking tours through museums, visiting markets and even seeing where the great author Ernest Hemingway resided. Even though most of the area is poverty stricken, the players noticed there was a positive and inviting atmosphere. This is a life lesson we can all value. Despite the language barrier, every player enjoyed the Cuban cuisine and the old fashion architecture of the 50’s.

The Cubans cherished baseball and many crowds gathered to attend the baseball games. Not only did the UT baseball team win, but they also gained respect from their competition by their display of good sportsmanship.

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