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Top 5 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Tampa!

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

Moving to Tampa from Colorado as a freshman in college was an exciting new adventure! However, being allergic to gluten and being in a brand-new city, I found it challenging to go out and find restaurants that were both safe and yummy! After trying many restaurants and cafes, I have curated a list of my top five favorite (and best) gluten-free places in Tampa!

First on the list is Asian Kitchen, which is located right across the street from the University of Tampa. If you are like me and love Asian food but never have had the chance to eat it, then this is the spot for you! This Asian-inspired restaurant has all the gluten-free goodies, including gluten-free soy sauce! They are great about cross-contamination and are very knowledgeable about their menu and all the ingredients. Asian Kitchen is a must when you’re near campus!

Second up is Forbici Modern Italian, located in Hyde Park Village! This fun, upscale Italian restaurant has an entire gluten-free menu with all the goodies. From pizza to pasta, they have it all. Along with Asian Kitchen, Forbici takes extra care when handling its gluten-free foods! Their pesto pasta with chicken is a must-have!

Third is Oxford Exchange, which is also right across the street from UT. This super cute, new American retro restaurant is ideal for cute pics + yummy food. Their gluten-free options are SO delicious, and the atmosphere is perfect for a fancier meal! 

Fourth on my list is Melting Pot Social, located right off the river near the museum. This fondue joint is modern and delicious. They offer a variety of gluten-free alternatives that are to die for! You can make your own cheese fondue that is safe for your needs and is also super yummy! This spot is great for date night or if you want to try out a different cuisine style!

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite spot is Craft Kafe. This café is 100% gluten-free and carries the motto “slaying gluten on the daily,” and oh my goodness is it delicious! They have a wide assortment of drinks like matcha and cold brew, and no matter what drink you choose, it’ll be amazing. Their food as well is more than delicious as they have every kind of bakery item you can imagine plus pizza, salads, sandwiches, and other assorted goodies! This spot, like the others, is located directly across from campus by Oxford Exchange. If you ever find yourself near this spot, I highly recommend you stop by and divulge the goodness for yourself!

Ainsley is currently a new member of Her Campus for the Tampa chapter. She enjoys writing about women’s health and fitness, lifestyle tips, personal growth, and relationship advice! Outside of Her Campus, Ainsley is a freshman at the University of Tampa and is an aspiring physician assistant. Her experience in the medical world through an internship at Littleton Adventist Hospital and as a lifeguard gives her the background knowledge for health and fitness tips. Originally from Colorado, Ainsley loves anything outdoors and enjoys adventuring with her friends. You can find Ainsley getting active on campus as well as taking time to relax and appreciate the simple moments of life. She loves anything to do with self improvement and is always researching to gain more knowledge about personal growth along with health and wellness.