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Top 3 Websites for the Best Swimsuits

Online shopping can be an addiction; especially for me. It’s so much better than the mall and you can shop in the comfort of your own home! I found 3 websites that not only have the best selection, but also low prices on great quality swimsuits.


A website a little over a year or two, this online shopping store has the best prices on great quality swimsuits. There are also certain flash sales throughout the day and free shipping every Sunday. Not only do they have the latest trends, but it only takes about 1-2 weeks to come in the mail, compared their competition zaful.com.



Want cute clothes for less? Pretty little thing is the place to shop. Most of the inventory has a cute, retro vibe to it. The clothing is of great quality, it will definitely last you a few washes. Clothes from here take about 5—7 days to arrive. This website also has daily deals throughout the week so you can make sure to find your bathing suit for less!



For your fashion and style destination, Asos is where to go. There are over 850 styles and brands to choose from, as well as new items weekly. Ordering over a certain amount you can be eligible for free shipping. Items here take about 5-7 business days to arrive. Not only do they sell bathing suits, but they also sell high-quality clothing for any occasion


Hopefully, if you have been a shopping rut this list will help you find the best bathing suits for this upcoming season!


Emely is a rising junior at The University of Tampa. She studies advertising and PR with a focusing on digital marketing. When she isn't bumping to J Cole, Drake or Aventura she's reading up on anything astrological, or editing photos for her food IG. As a New York City native, she loves exploring the cities micro-neighborhoods for their cuisine, music, and fashion. If you want to know more about Emely, follow her on Instagram - @aemiliatertia - or Twitter - @ThatEmely
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