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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Tampa chapter.

There is no argument that the COVID-19 pandemic has forced us all to evolve into a new way of living. If you’re like me, most of your classes for school have been moved online. 

There are some of you who may be thriving in Zoom University, and that’s awesome! However, there are a lot of us who may be struggling with this brand new way of being a college student. If you fall into that category, that is totally understandable! I am going to be giving out a few personal tips from my Online School Survival Guide.


Stay Organized

Since enrolling in Zoom University, I feel as though it can be twice as difficult to stay organized. I am receiving a minimum of 15 emails a day from different professors, and I don’t have any papers to keep into separate, labeled folders. I have learned that categorizing my emails can be very helpful! It definitely helps keep my brain from feeling like I have 70 different tabs open. 


Utilize a Planner

If you didn’t think you needed them before, planners can really come in handy when your professors aren’t in-person to consistently remind you of due dates.


Find a Work Space

For me, it is almost impossible to complete all of my work sitting on my bed in my bedroom. Creating or finding a comfy place for you to get to work can truly motivate you to get what you need to get done. This could be something as small as pulling up a chair to your dresser, or going out and setting up shop at your local park. If you enjoy doing work in Starbucks like me, grab your mask and check out which places are offering indoor seating near you!


Meet With Your Professor

One of the toughest things about being at home is how much more difficult it can be to build a strong relationship with your professor. These connections can be very valuable throughout your academic and personal careers, so make it a point to meet virtually with your instructor. More than 99 percent of the time, your professor would be more than happy to set up a separate Zoom call with you to make sure that you are staying on track in the course.


You’ve got this!

Lisa Striffolino is a Sophomore student at the University of Tampa majoring in Communications and minoring in Journalism and PR?☀️ She is excited to continue to explore her passions in journalism(broadcast and print), and the worlds of media and marketing. You could either find Lisa writing articles for Her Campus or The Minaret, watching her favorite tv shows, or spending time with family and friends☺️
Amanda Thompson is a native of Portland, Maine who is currently a Senior studying Communications at The University of Tampa. When she's not binge-watching New Girl, you can find her dancing around to Jhené Aiko, Lana Del Rey or Kehlani. If you want to keep up with Amanda, follow her on Instagram @amaandathompson