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Tips for maintaining healthy friendships

  1. Be Honest – Friendships built on lies never work; being honest with one another allows you and your other to grow. Since you’ve gained trust in them and within yourself, you will allow yourself to receive and give criticism without you or the other feeling judged.
  2. Set and Respect Boundaries – Setting boundaries is important; everyone has certain triggers which can occur you do not look your best self. So tell your friend what you don’t like and what makes you sad, will allow them to make adjustments within themselves to make sure you feel comfortable.
  3. Embrace the differences- We are all unique individuals, and we need to learn in order to grow. Make friends with someone who lives in a different country, city, or state than you. Seeing how different people interact and communicate allows you to learn something different than what you are used to by opening up conversations you wouldn’t have had if you didn’t get the chance to make new friends.
  4. Be positive– Having good friends can inspire, but there are some things you can avoid, like jealousy, comparisons, etc. Trying to compare yourself to your friend could bring you down, or it could drive you to constantly try to one-up them, which isn’t good for your mental health. If you start seeing yourself envy them, take a step back, look within yourself, and try to refocus your energy on yourself and know you are the best self you could be.
Hey. My name is Angela Muriithi. I am a management major from Kenya. I am friendly and fun person.
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