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  1. Show up early– Be at the airport at least 3 hours before your flight; check-in counter lines are quite long as well, as is the security checkpoint (TSA). Furthermore,I find it very stressful running through the airport to catch a flight.
  2. Bring something warm- I find the temperatures at the airport or on the plane very cold; even though some flights provide blankets, I don’t find it very warm. That’s why I like carrying a scarf to protect my neck and an extra warm sweater.
  3. Bring a book or a pre-loaded movie- I’ve noticed being on a flight for more than 8 hours can get very boring. The entertainment system provided by the airline might not work, that’s why I like carrying a book to read when you get bored or watch a movie for some entertainment; this is a life-saver!
  4. Wipe everything down– I like to wipe my seat and the tray table before I sit down and get comfortable. Yes, the cleaning crew comes and cleans up everything, but I think they don’t clean thoroughly and now during covid. You don’t want to travel outside the country for business, school or vacation to reach your destination and find out you have covid. It takes about a minute to wipe everything; you will feel much more comfortable and better now that it has been cleaned well.
  5. Pack extra clothes for about 2 days– Sometimes, you might have missed your connecting flight or your bags at your final destination haven’t arrived. It will suck if you are at a hotel and have no clothes to change into. It happened to me twice when I missed my connecting flight, and I was relieved that I had extra clothes to wear than the clothes I had been wearing at the airport during my flight. I feel like this is an important tip to have, but you must carry extra clothes in your carry-on suitcase. It will save you if something happens to your flight and your bags.
Hey. My name is Angela Muriithi. I am a management major from Kenya. I am friendly and fun person.
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